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Miss Pru DJ Ameni Ft. Emtee, Fifi Cooper, A-Reece, Saudi, Sjava, B3nchmarq lyrics

Born and bred in the Vaal triangle, Prudence Sebalo aka Miss Pru has always had a love for the performing arts. At school she had the opportunity to experiment with Drama and dance; it was DJ’ing that...

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Miss Pru DJ Ameni Lyrics

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[Miss Pru DJ Ft. Emtee, Fifi Cooper, A-Reece, Saudi, Sjava, B3nchmarq - Ameni lyrics]

[Hook: Sjava]
Baba siza naba abantwana bakho
Sesibaqedile ngenduku
Siyacindezela nezinja zami
Baphel’ abantu weeh
Baba siza naba abantwana bakho
Sesibaqedile ngenduku
Siyacindezela nezinja zami
Baphel’ abantu weeh

[Verse 1: eMTee]
Sithe mas’ngena sathel’ inyongo
I told my boss that I’m ready though
I am the one just let it go
I’m here let’s move dedeli flow
She didn’t love me
Now she want me
I do not fuck with her anymore
I don’t give a damn she already know
I’m getting dough
And killing shows
You want a show?
Tlisa chelete
Awubheke nje
Skeem sphelele
Dressed in all black, call me Mkhelele
Vele singenelele, siphumelele
I’ve been sitting ‘n watching n1ggas ball
And now the same n1ggas is hoping I fall
They hated even when I had nothing at all
I can fuck your plans up
Don’t make me make that one call

[Verse 2: Saudi]
Qaphel’ abantu (qaphela)
Imma [?]
Bakhohlwe ngawo, mshana
Kuzophel’ abantu
iHamba they roll like Cosatu
Dont ever
Ngiyashisa cim’ igeyser
This bread might serve upizza
Ngifun’ amaMeter
Ngifuna uMadiba
Igolide njengGibhithe

[Hook: Sjava]

[Verse 3: Fifi Cooper]
WeThixo somandla
Cel’ usinikeze amandla
Ngithi Mina nezinja zami
Sekuphel’ abantu uweh
They be hating like
I didn’t tell ’em before
I’m sorry ain’t gonna stop
They don’t want me at the top
They used to be mad
‘Coz Imma be out here for long
Wari ke dom
Imma keep on
They know the A team
Will never go wrong
We always on top
Some Louis Vuitton
Imma kick it till the day that I born
Basala ba sole
Like they never doubted before
But they never wan’t me ke kgone
Ba kgale ba bona le bonna
Amen to tsotle
Le di thapelo tse tsa bonna

[Verse 4: A-Reece]
You feelin’ yourself when I’m not around
Your girl is with me if she not around
I wouldn’t want you to see it though
I got my kids dippin’ in her mouth
Yeah yeah, It’s a movie
And you ain’t doin’ nothin’ to me
I got a gang that like shootin’
Click , Clack , Braat , Pew-Pewin’!
I don’t think you niggas get the picture
Switch on your mobile data
Skeemi, I don’t think you niggas get the filters
Switch on your photo edit, skeemi
It’s about the figures
Yeah, the dough
It’s about us winners
Nothing more
Couple of things that I want you to know
Don’t you be talking when I’m on the phone

[Hook: Sjava]

[Verse 5: Jay Jody (B3nchMarQ)]
I got famous off of 8 lines (washa, washa)
Came back with hard bars
Like I did jail time (ke satlo letlatsa)
Now some of these rappers asking me for membership
But these rappers gossip
I don’t tell em shit
Tsela thupa for the hell of it
I blow moola, got the hang of it
All they see is us, bona fela
They got the cheese up, mozarella
Tsek nawe ya
Hamba oba tshela
One by one
Yeah, bazophela
Oh no, this aint illuminati
This is pusha, phanda
Get the nyuku s’bali
This is catch a body
With a verse buddy
Yeah you trash
They then get music like [?]

[Verse 6: TKay (B3nchMarQ)]
Thixo bathethelele laba shana
My side is a Pearl
You can call me Marawa
No Sbu uyakhena
I got the Mo’Faya
I’m bringing the Flava
Like Mo with no Rajah
The summer is mine
You can call me Zahara
Nigga don’t call me Zahara
Everybody know ke skeema lephara
I got the patient, I’m kinda like Bara
They ride me like a Navara
Now I be shopping at Zara
I’m in a DreamTeam
Busa no Khuli ne Chana
I’m making headlights
Now you can call me a barber
Uya baba lomfana
My team is so upper
You winning lebhala like no baba

[Hook: Sjava]

Ameni, ameni.
Miss Pru DJ Ameni lyrics Ft. Emtee, Fifi Cooper, A-Reece, Saudi, Sjava, B3nchmarq
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