Miss Pru DJ
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Real Name: Prudence Sebalo
AKA: Miss Pru DJ
Date of Birth / Age: ,
Country: South Africa
Net Worth: Unknown


Born and bred in the Vaal triangle, Prudence Sebalo aka Miss Pru has always had a love for the performing arts. At school she had the opportunity to experiment with Drama and dance; it was DJ’ing that caught her attention. Miss Pru learnt how to DJ and spend time harnessing her skills in 2008 and 2009.

Miss Pru managed herself as an artist and worked hard to build a name for herself as a female house DJ. It was during that period that she received invites to showcase her skills at big events such as the Southern African Music Conference and Dance Ritual featuring Louise Vega and Josh Milan. She has traveled outside of the country, recently attended the WMC, which took place in Miami she got an opportunity to perform with world class DJs. Other countries she was also invited to perform in were Lesotho, Botswana, Namibia, The U.S as well as Swaziland.
The great success led to Miss Pru signing a record and management deal with Ambitiouz Entertainment in 2015.

In 2015 Miss Pru released her debut single “Welele” soon after fnalizing her label contract. “Welele” is a celebration of dance and music. The hit single was play-listed on radio stations across the country.

On 27 February 2016, Miss Pru released a surprise Hip-Hop single titled “Ameni”. The hit single featuring Ambitiouz Entertainment family of artists; Fifi Cooper, Emtee Da Hustler, Benchmarq, A Reece, Sjava and Saudi.
Production is complimented by Ambitiouz Entertainments mega producers behind some of the greatest Hip Hop Hits in South Africa; Lunatik (Caracara / Skhanda Love / Puntsununu), Tweezy (Baddest,/ All eyes on me / Dlala ka yona), Ruff (Roll up / Pearl Thusi / Washa), BizBoy (Fire / Heaven).

“I’ve always loved hip hop and at a point in my life I was an MC, as times changed I fell in love with vocal house music based on infuences from the likes of Vinny da Vinci. While we were on the road doing radio tours with the A team from Ambitiouz Entertainment their passion for Hip hop reignited mine and I remembered how much I love it. When I pitched the idea of doing a hip-hop track, everyone was excited and they pitched in.” explains Miss Pru.

2016 was a year flled with musical discovery for Miss Pru as she is one of the few female DJs who mixes hip hop and house in her sets allowing fans a full musical experience.

Multiple facets to Miss Pru’s talents proving that she is a force to be reckoned with as one of SA top female DJ’s.

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