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Real Name: T.K Mathiba & P.J.S Mataboge
Date of Birth / Age: ,
Country: South Africa
Net Worth: Unknown


The South African hip-hop duo, “B3nchmarq” is made up of two lyricists; Tkay (T.K Mathiba) and P.Jay (P.J.S Mataboge). Formed in 2008, the rappers shared one common vision – to create great music that inspires! Their birth dates are unknown, but as of August 2016, PJ was 25 years old and Tkay was 28 years old.

Tkay had been creating music in his neighborhood and had been looking for other talented artists to work with; this is how he came to meet PJ. Their passion both artists share for hip-hop music and production was the drive behind the creation of the duo, - “B3nchmarq”. The name says it all; B3nchmarq is setting a new standard for hip-hop duos and groups in the country.

It was the establishment of a production team named the XLR Music Group that pushed the duo to work hard combining their skills so that they could be recognized not only as rappers but also as producers.

[h]Music Beginnings[/h]
B3nchMarQ gained popularity on the social networks when they released their first hit single, “Utlwa”. Staying consistent, B3nchMarQ later released their first complete independent project – the Power Trip EP in 2012. Their single;”Ke Motswako” from the EP got play listed on national radio stations. Other singles included; - “Ice Cold” peaking at #2 on Yfm charts.

2015 saw B3nchmarq solidify a label and management contract with Ambitiouz Entertainment. They immediately released 1st single, - “Get Lit” which was an instant hit. B3nchmarq refined their sound and created a trending term #GetLit.

Following the success of Get-Lit, B3nchmarq featured on DJ Citi Lyts hit Single, “Washa” with Emtee and Fifi Cooper complimenting the song with musical verses.

In 2016 B3nchmarq started the year with a new hit – “Bonang”. The video debut on Live Amp to a great reception and is currently enjoying high rotation on TV channels across the country.
With Bonang proving to be a massive hit, fans are singing along at clubs and festivals as they dance to their favourite song. The focus for B3nchmarq in 2016 is to release more great music and to share their full potential with fans by releasing their debut album later in 2016.

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