M.I Abaga - All Fall Down (Ft. Poe) Ft. LadiPoe Lyrics

All Fall Down (Ft. Poe)

M.I Abaga

Feat: LadiPoe
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M.I Abaga All Fall Down (Ft. Poe) Ft. LadiPoe lyrics

Jude Abaga , better known by stage name M.I , meaning Mr Incredible. Jude was born in Jos, Plateau State. His parents, Mr and Mrs Abaga from Takum , Taraba state , both of Nigerian descent. He attende...

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M.I Abaga All Fall Down (Ft. Poe) Lyrics

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[M.I Abaga Ft. LadiPoe - All Fall Down (Ft. Poe) lyrics]
[Intro – Mike Tyson]
I already experienced em disappointments
I experienced grand of success in high levels
And grand disappointments of really low natives right
And em, In order to be great
You gotta be prepared to fail greatly as well
It’s all about how you handle your failures
And am gonna handle my failures. ….
Inscribed on the tomb at the catacombs
He without sin, cast the first stone
Only one condition
Don’t live in a glass home

[Verse 1 – M.I Abaga]
Never said I was perfect
I never said I was awesome
All I know is I’m worth it
All I know is that am gotten
I’m tryna pursue my purpose
I’m tryna bring home the lost ones
Spoke to Jesus this morning he told me proceed with caution
Told me there’s many people with no truth inside em
He told me with no blemish still they crucified him
I said those people are sick should I euthanize em
He said your in charge of what you see (sea)
Your the new poseidon
Just try to do your best then try to do it better
Set aside a little cash
For those you know could use the cheddar
When they need the sun just loose your sweater
Yeah, cause when the vultures come they soar together
Yeah, and so I gathered up my loses
Close the leaky faucets
Never said it’ll be easy in the fine prints
And I read the clauses
Everybody will receive the crosses
Even bosses
You cannot deceive the process
No matter how high

[Hook – Leon Else]
We all fall down
We all fall down
We all fall down
We all fall down

[Verse 2 – Poe]
Gravity’s working harder now
Just to hold me down
Cause I can float away
My egos getting larger now
I’m feeling like a star
You should probably pure that lagger now
How do I fill the shoes of Sean Carter
Now is what I’m asking
I’ve had the thoughts
That was to make it happen
Manage to charge the course
Now is to wake the captain
Tell him to head to shur
F*ck it I’ll grab the odds
I’ll put myself to the level
Where no one is currently rapping mehn
I’m sick of throwing punchlines
Instead of throwing life lines
Save yourself the trouble of keeping up
And everybody watching from the sidelines
I know you know is my time
Cause nothing done for love is worth giving up
I’ve evened up the odds mehn
I’ve given this my all mehn
I even brought my squad mehn
Because a prayer
That’s just a story for the gods mehn
And if we all fall we all fall then
No matter how high

[Hook – Leon Else]
We all fall down
We all fall down
We all fall down
We all fall down

[Interlude – Mike Tyson & Leon Else]
(Because I’m still on life on life terms
I try the best of my ability)
Don’t be scared
(Life has ups and downs anybody hard times can fall upon anybody)
Close your eyes now
(I won a noble peace prize still ama have to deal with life on life terms)
As we wait
(And be whatever I wanna be, I have no blind ceilings in my world)

[Verse 3 – M.I Abaga]
Number one question
Is why was M.I missing
Well for like a decade
I’ve been on a mission pushing
Tryna raise this hip hop music
Tryna put it in position
All the n!ggas I was with don tell me nobody would listen
Imagine running against the green
Pursuing vision
I guess my feet were tired so soon as I found a cushion
Had to take a breather
I should’ve asked permission
Flow is still sick tho this rappers are re remission
Yeah, let em know they should get some ammunition
I’m back to schooling rappers
Better ready your tuition
Cullenery art I’m so experienced in the kitchen
It’s gonna be hard to eat now cause M.I is competition
Curtains start to open
It’s the end of intermission
I hard that most of y’all were dissing
But life will soon apart to all you silly n!ggas wisdom
Gravity is not a superstition
No matter how high

[Outro – Leon Else]
We all fall down
We all fall down
We all fall down
We all fall down
M.I Abaga All Fall Down (Ft. Poe) lyrics Ft. LadiPoe
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