Ice Prince Zamani - Can I Talk (Ft. Joell Ortiz, MI Abaga) Ft. M.I Abaga Lyrics

Can I Talk (Ft. Joell Ortiz, MI Abaga)

Ice Prince Zamani

Feat: M.I Abaga
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Ice Prince Zamani Can I Talk (Ft. Joell Ortiz, MI Abaga) Ft. M.I Abaga lyrics

Ice Prince was born Panshak Zamani in the city of Minna , NigerState , Nigeria . Early in life, aged two, he moved with his family tothe mining city of Jos , Plateau State , Nigeria . In Jos he receiv...

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Ice Prince Zamani Can I Talk (Ft. Joell Ortiz, MI Abaga) Lyrics

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[Ice Prince Zamani Ft. M.I Abaga - Can I Talk (Ft. Joell Ortiz, MI Abaga) lyrics]
[Intro: Iceprince]
Crazy beat TMXO, I be here with my man
City monster, can I talk?
Let me advise you. Aah

[Verse 1: Iceprince]
I wake up in the morning, fucked up and lazy
I had an all night, d shit is fucked up and crazy
I look inside d mirror, and I cldnt even face me
My face look like some shit that was buried in the 80s
Niggas looking up to me for everything
My chick been looking up 2 me for wedding ring
Am tryna stack it up and be a veteran
Am David to Goliath and imma put it on every sling
Now they wanna take this crown off me
But imma take the longest route softly
And imma get to the top of the top and as long as I wear
Thesame shoes MI Abaga bought me
Niggas acting like I started yesterday
I been spittin 99 nigga, yes for days
Am from J-city go investigate
We go to church on d top of the mountain nigga just to pray
Allahu Akbar? dawg
My single been getting a world premiere dawg
And thats a bigger reason I should fear God
And any rapper coming close to me is just a mere hug


And at the end of the night am the last one
My grand dad gotta be proud of his grand son
I gotta get him a chevy if thats it
I gotta follow God in the book of Ecclesiastes
Yeah I know Jesus and Allah
More than I know Yeezus in Prada
Nigga I been ruthless from tata
When am in the booth my boots can make em' Dada
Am in my 2pac shit, I might switch it up and come back with a hook thats sick
Throw a punch, flip it over with a good ass kick
Am still flawless, nigga Imma do that sick
And amma do that shit, Audu I promise Imma do that shit
Get you a space in my saloon ass whip
Few years back you told me I would blow my clique
And am looking at you Boss, how you know that shit?

[Hook: Iceprince]
When them man dem win them talk
When the man dem loose dem yawa
When the man dem sabi They yimu yimu night and day
Aah Yee

[Verse 2: Joell Ortiz]
Bathe in poison or go with the lotion
Total devotion or over commotion
You could be misguided in the valley or
Climb to the mountain top and hear the voice always open to coaching
Ask yourself who team do you wanna play on
When its rough you gon ask to be traded or u gon stay on
Be a leader dont follow whatever they on
You Follow that black and white let the lost ones follow crayons
See God mehn, He be working on me lately
His voice done got louder his feelings they fully shape me
He tryna wake me, wake me, and thats a blessing in itself
Lying in d Lords gift you can't measure it in wealth
Am just living in this world out here bettering myself
If am sick I say a prayer, dont need your medicine to help
And even after all of my sins, I ain't worried about nothing
God said put it all on him

[Verse 3: MI Abaga]
Ice Prince, Joell Ortiz, MI Abaga dis gon' end all speech
These rappers still stink so here's some menthol sweets
This for the top mehn we can't all reach
So most of my time nowadays are just spent on beach
Couple new disciples round me spit the cyphers then I mentor and teach
See the game needs rearranging
Like the bed-sheets need some changing
And the pillows needs some fluffing
The flooring needs some scrubbing
I can't leave rap I gotta do this for heredity
Already got prosperity, am doing it for legacy
Everything I spit is like some tissues for your issues
So they diss you till you gon and they gon miss u
Miss me with that Kony shit Or we rich as homie spit
Policing this hiphop academy like am Mahone bitch
Niggas always look for me to kill them Joseph Kony shit
Fuck u pay me I dont fuck with u so u dont owe me shit
Focus and hustle's what am all about
Dude I been relaxin, call me when u bought a couch
What more you all about?
I kill shit in the studio so technically its thesame thing as a slaughterhouse
I am the GENESIS of rapping, see I began the EXODUS now we making it happen
Still doing my NUMBERS, and God alone JUDGES
Its JUDE the REVELATION of the year we been big budgets
Rocking ice with ice, chopping jewels with joellz
King that has been silent but still on the throne, who else?
MI a greatest ever. haters they can hate for ever
Nigga I just flow better, I didn't create the river
Act like u dont know me But homie when u lonely
At home I see u callin my name
And right next 2 d hall of fame, is d wall of shame
So you see me on the throne my man

[Outro: Iceprince]
It's all love dawg
We no dey fear person
We not friends and so I no dey hear person
Never dat, me na hear shit about u, oh yes
Jokes on u bro, waddup
They call me Iceprince Zamani, Choc boi shit
Joell Ortiz, bang bang bang
Mi Abaga, shots shots shots
Real generals ya know, we on the map now
We never start yet, we ain't started yet.
Ice Prince Zamani Can I Talk (Ft. Joell Ortiz, MI Abaga) lyrics Ft. M.I Abaga
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