VJ Adams - Define Rap (Ft. Ice Prince, MI, Vector) Ft. M.I Abaga, Ice Prin Lyrics

Define Rap (Ft. Ice Prince, MI, Vector)

VJ Adams

VJ Adams Define Rap (Ft. Ice Prince, MI, Vector) Ft. M.I Abaga, Ice Prince Zamani, Vector lyrics

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VJ Adams Define Rap (Ft. Ice Prince, MI, Vector) Lyrics

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[Intro – Ice Prince]
See rap is Rugged Man, rap is Mode 9 & M.I
Rap is Naeto C and all of the hommies that they signed
Rap is a part of brothers steady getting improvements
Rap is like a fvcking movement. RAP

[VJ Adams]
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
Vj Adams hah
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
Define rap
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
Tiwezy waddup
Ooh ooh ooh ooh

[Verse 1 – MI Abaga]
My second album was ready before the first drop
Rap to me is a revolution am so fvcking hip hop
I meant the verses do i have to kill to prove to you
I do this for the love not a fvcking ticket meal
Am tryna paint a picture i don scope the telescope
Winning is a part of me that it so mandatory
I don’t need to introduce myself anymore cause they fvcking know me
Top is on the pedestal hommie you the shit, lavatory
It’s safe to say i paved the way for vjs that are here today
I look them in the eye and keep them fermently a mile away
Already defined television now define rap
Dragon flow is what i spit when i rap

So rap n!gga
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
So rap n!gga
Ooh ooh ooh ooh

[Verse 2 – Ice Prince]
See rap is for the hommies rap is for the real
Rap is for the battle rap is for the kill
See rap is like a science in the vocal booth
Rap is about some nggas who ain’t scared to tell the total truth
See, rap is for the hommie with the bragging right
To the tell a brother that he wack if he ain’t sagging tight
You know, rap is for the shooters on the street
The nggas digging down the dirt so they can serve it on the beat
And that is hip, hop, the hippiedy hop
I put a nigga in a circle let us see what he got
If he coming and he stupid like he feeling he burn
Ama pull a vocal weapon that’s the way we respond
But fvck it, It’s R A P, the art lately
It thought me how to handle nggas when they act crazy
So bless love Nas, Mos Def and thanks Jay Z
I was a street ngga now you came and bang heads with me
It’s so rap ngga

[Verse 3 – Vector]
I see many rappers decline whenever we rhyme
The time has ejaculated for them to sit behind
But not for me, see am, new pair cause am designed
For this kinds of craziness we facing this time
I speak lines that gives minds not a verse on regram
No shaking, i come hot bro, no Hating
Your girl know i come hot, whenever she goes down
And blowing on me she says it’s feeling like she’s blowing satan
And i don’t care who’s on the track, everybody getting left back
As long as your a rapper, fvck being cool, let’s rap
How do i define rap? Break it down simple
V E C T O R ba, Simple
This is rap and i don’t trust you all
Am dope enough to say fvck you all
If you got a problem with me, meet me don’t tweet me
It’ll be nice to see a pvssy muarfvcker
I was trippy me
Is you with it
This is what i do for you
As there is nothing ya’ll can do for me
So check your time line, anytime a blogger’s tryna trend
Impression usually is, all of you or me

[Verse 4 – VJ Adams]
Shedding brightness on wackness a million lightness of darkness
I put an end to the madness so call me Yaba your highness
AhaYaba your highness professors no fit define us
Bone astronomy mehn there’s one of me mehn they no fit design us
Damn the speakers don land we heading for the milky way
Stay loyal at my peak i guess i stay on gbudu mikky way
And am the man Nnamdi mehn still making more Azikiwes
Bought my cd said it was wack i guess you did the Nicky way
Haha, butt fake you bought fake
You get it, the nicky way butt fake haha
Mehn i don’t need to define rap mehn
You need to get yourselves light and find rap

[Verse 5 – M.I]
M.I, define rap? Okay
Listen rap is a noun which means two lines that
Will rhyme back like, freestyles or written
The synonym the spitting, or kicking game
Licking mics forgetting fame
Also rap is a verb when we call it rapping
Grabbing the microphone and then, anything can happen
And, we use metaphors, similes and euphemisms
Cultural rebellion that can get the youth to listen arh
To reach a definition, i had to spend so many minutes in the kitchen
So much stress and repetition and
Visits to the infirmary for ammunition
Focused like a Navy Seal in stealth mode discerning mission
The definition is me, M.I Abaga
Struggled against the industry ready to kill a brother
And MBC is tryna kill bands like Kavanagh
M.I is a description of hip hop’s definition
Let’s go

[Hook / Outro]
So rap n!gga
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
So rap n!gga
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
So rap n!gga
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
So rap n!gga
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
So rap n!gga
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