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Welcome Welcome

Cassper Nyovest

Album: Sweet N Short
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Cassper Nyovest Welcome Welcome lyrics

Born Refiloe Maele Phoolo on 16 December 1990 in a Mafikeng village called Montshiwa, Cassper Nyovest's love for performing before crowds developed at an early age in primary school where he’d always...

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Cassper Nyovest Welcome Welcome Lyrics

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[Cassper Nyovest - Welcome Welcome lyrics]
The King is Back
Where's my crown?
Where I leave it at?
I said the King is back
Where I leave it at?
Welcome, Welcome, Welcome
You are all welcome
Welcome Welcome
Welcome welcome Welcome
You are all welcome
Lets catch a vibe (Azishe)
Mace you a legend for this one
Kalawa Jazmee (Reloaded)
A ke xale kao dumedisa
Hello hello (Cass) X2, Hello Hello (Girl)
Ao sambonani
Hello Pena (Cass), Hello Bhuti (Girl)
Dankie, Ao Sambonani
I'm back at it again
Nothing new they laughed at it back then
Coping my moves, the they exact status and pen
To be honest, I gotta give mad credit to fans
For letting me be myself in a world you not allowed to
You always give me your love, I never doubt you
Niggas think i'm arrogant just because I am a loud dude
If the work speaks for itself I got a mouth full
Google me player I'm too cool for school
The whose whose, they know me for new shoes Coupes
I managed to move through the rules
And drop tops, My numbers shoot through the roof
Nawdi Nawdi proudly from the ghetto
O tla re thola re Tauwe ko Soweto
Or ko Thembisa Shimza a di wisa
We got lebanese huns, Thinta ba re bitsa
Re bina le matsipatsipa a ganyisa (Itja)
I make her touch herself like makarina
Leader ya Manigga, Fisa paparika
Deep I'm underneath, I'm hot you need a feature
A ne kea spita blind ke shorta skruf
Kea sika, Hao ka nthinta well ke bona Bloed
Ke thupa knock a tooth, O buda ra go luta
Kutsa all the moola, Kuka ka bemuda
Yeah This is the part we shift the culture
Jabba laid the foundation, Now dis the outcome
A hybrid, Kwaito and Rap can make an Album
This is my world I just hope you'll feel welcome (Welcome)
Yeah, Sambo... Sambonani
This is my world you know
I grew up listening to Kwaito but I love Rap
So I decided to make an album were I just do both
Rap on Kwaito Beats
Making Album was such a beautiful experience because
It reminded me why I started making music
And how I always wanted to be the voice of all the kids in the hood
We made it baby, Ntwana tsa kasi!
Re kaofela, Kaofela
Shout out to Mr. Sweet & Short

Cassper Nyovest Welcome Welcome lyrics
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