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Too Badmind


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Demarco Too Badmind lyrics

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Demarco Too Badmind Lyrics

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[Demarco - Too Badmind lyrics]

If the wall and the trees could a talk
Dem would a tell you who have the dirtiest heart
Markus, dem people deh, nuh waan you reach no where
Yea this a weh the streets a seh[Chorus:]
The whole a dem too badmind
Yea, dem nuh waan ghetto youth fi shine
Soon as you step up in a life
Yo start meck a move
Dem waan you fi stay behind
The whole a dem badmind
Yea a suh the whole a dem stay long time
Suh meck dem talk caw dem waan fi talk
Cause a progress mi seh, and dem a waster time[Verse 1:]
Markus, mi nuh meck dem stress mi a road
Father God him never left mi a road
Good over evil mi seh
Badmind unuh fi go weh
Tell a bwoy come test mi a road
Big up to all the ghetto youths dem weh a meck move
Wi a step in a the streets from wi deh a one shoes
New money wi a meck
Woman pick and choose
Nuh have nothing fi prove[Chorus][Verse 2:]
Markus, true dem si liquor a wi table
Yea, and dem a si wi pon cable
Dem fi congratulate and stop fi a hate
Cause this a nuh kane, neither Able
Well there is more to life than fi watch people things
Nuh badmind yo brother
Don't watch vehicle rims
Suh gwaan meck yo move if you win or you lose
Please low other people things[Chorus][Verse 1][Chorus]

Demarco Too Badmind lyrics
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