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Letter To The Game


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L-Tido Letter To The Game lyrics


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L-Tido Letter To The Game Lyrics

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[L-Tido - Letter To The Game lyrics]
When I was young you were the voice of the streets
But nowadays it seem you the spokesman for beefs
I sense a lotta change in you since the cash came
Since the politicians came inside you you've been past lame
Awards became about the dab and not the merit
Radio about deposits, not the hotheads
It's safe to say you've been exploited in a major way
And I can feel my love for you start to fade away
And our connection's way deeper than a bath
Yo when we touched, shit was way more than just a fuck
Wish we can go back to when we were infatuated
You used to unify the culture, now we're segregated
I sense some tension between the OGs and youngins
Fans turned to grit experts and comments
Between the hating and critiquing there's a fine line
Fuck the seasons, always shade on the time line
It's evident that DJs forgot to play their role
The only time they break records is when they play their own
It's time we be more vocal, fuck a ?
And one request, can we hear more local in the club
And rappers being innovative went down the drain
Most this new shit that's out really sounds the same
But who am I to judge, that would be deceitful
'Cause I did play a part too, no sequel
We got some problems we need to resolve
Some pioneers stuck in the nineties need to learn to evolve
And even though with all these faults I got a problem with
You saved my life, I'd be dumb not to acknowledge it
It's 'cause of you I became the man I am
It's 'cause of you I got means to feed the fam
It's 'cause of you I'm self made, don't need a hand
Man I couldn't buy kicks, now I own a piece of land
Look how far you took it when they ain't believe in you
Now they probably understand what I seen in you
You hot property like fire in a sheen venue
Pull out for what, I'm gonna fucking leave my seed in you
This is deeper than the cheddar and the fame
Sincerely yours

Letter to the game, yeah
L-Tido Letter To The Game lyrics
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