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Do Like I Do Remix

DJ Sliqe

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DJ Sliqe Do Like I Do Remix Ft. L-Tido, Kwesta, Riky Rick, Nadia Nakai, Reason, Flabba lyrics


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DJ Sliqe Do Like I Do Remix Lyrics

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[DJ Sliqe Ft. L-Tido, Kwesta, Riky Rick, Nadia Nakai, Reason, Flabba - Do Like I Do Remix lyrics]
[Riky Rick]
Bheka, they try to do like I do
These motherfuckers tryna do makhado
These motherfuckers tryna, they tryna figure how I turn up
I told them that I got it from my chynas
iBoyzNBucks ispark plug
Ungasithele nge champagne ispakpaku
Please nigga, I'm thinking about school fees nigga
So please get off my steez nigga

Ain't no question
I stay dapper and crispy yes
Wena, you not a factor
A sleazy mess
You girl I smashed her
And passed her to T.P next
O lahlile,
Couldn't track her with GPS
Damn, rona re phanda di chankura
Wena you still chasing hoes, man haai suka
Osahlo phapha, s'fak' ibathu la
They wanna do like I do
Ba batula
Mfana ask about me, bahlao chaela
I'm the one you wanna see ha o batla style
Air Maxes to the Chucks I got hella flavour
Got kicks like Solange in the elevator

Indaba laba ngath' abazi benzan,
Awubhek' ukuthi lama hater asibheke kanjan,
Awu phela thina masthanda singaythatha lendawo,
Sik'shiy umile hee sthathe lomntana wenzan,
Kodwa asizanga ngokulwa wena

Just do like I do (like I do)
Like I do
Ay wena just do like I do (like I do)
Like I do
Nx' aysuka mahhn

Azishe ke, tell me if it's fair
If I get six chicks here and their tits is bare
Bathi ngithinte singene, eh yin' entleik.... LYRICIST OF THE YEAR
Eintlek yini uyazilwela?
Or are you that dude that I screwed by saying you're not due a beautiful boo who's cool with sitting next to you know who.. THE RHYME SITS HERE
Lets be fair, ngiyakukhuza
Indaba mina ngithanda i-distance.. suka
Yimin' istar kule sport.. Buza
Mang'Fikile ucherrie wakho ung'shaya ngo Mba.. Lula

Guess who's back on that rap shit
Same cat who came back with a classic
Same cat your favourite rapper wanna rap with
Back flip all over the track like gymnastics
My opinion of the game as it stands is
Some o y'all winners need a little more practice
More money, less bad bitches
More honeys in the clubs spending money like they rappers
A rat race with less hamsters
Got so many characters
We need a lot less actors
And for the record if it matters
All slaves in the game needa own they masters


Ngiyengadink' uk'change iflow
But then I was like "Hmm, nah fuck it"
The days I be like "Ke spoti seo?"
And they be like "Naahh, ke bucket"
Yoh! an'saphithizeli, the way nginenza busy ngakhona
And I thought yall had something better up your sleeves
Kanti nahh nifihl' iy'londa
Never o blome le di hoe tse stout and kamo o rata ho post
To me every single day is that time of the month
So of course I flow the most

[Nadia Nakai]
Yall wanna do like I do
But yall couldnt walk a day in my shoes
I be getting interviews on Vuzu and views on YouTube
They asking who you (hayi suka man)
Fuck these fake hoes, I'm what's happening
They couldn't even find true love in the magazine
Sophie Ndaba, all of these girls are drama queens
I wasn't even mad when I should have been a nominee
Why these girls tryna copy me
They in Mvela, I'm in the Premier League
Running this game in my lane
But you so fatigued
We not the same you're lame
Check my pedigree
I'm the only queen that matters
Everyone else is in denial
Yall should pull out an umbrella
Cause I'm gonna reign for awhile

DJ Sliqe Do Like I Do Remix lyrics Ft. L-Tido, Kwesta, Riky Rick, Nadia Nakai, Reason, Flabba
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