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L-Tido 10 Mac lyrics

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L-Tido 10 Mac Lyrics

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[L-Tido - 10 Mac lyrics]
It's the 10 Mac commandments, ha
Niggas gon tell me nothing...
About these broads, you know
These dollies
These mommies

I've been in this game for years
It made me and animals
Rules to this shit
I made me a manual
A step by step booklet for you to get
Your game on check
Not just shit pushed back
Numero uno, don't let your boo know
All your security codes
You hear me bro
She just waiting 'til you fall asleep at home
So she can creep up in your phone
Leave you to weep up on your own
Number two, stay away from bitches looking for limelight
That party all the time
In pursuit of the high life
Homey just 'case Jesus turned water to wine, right
It don't mean that you can turn that hoe to a housewife
Number three should've been number one to me
Ain't no'n more important than the moola my g
'Cause you can lose some dough
When you're chasing a hoe
But you never lose a hoe
While you chasin' the dough
Number four, she ain't wifey
Don't let that chick roll
Stop thinking with your penis
Before you catch diseases
You ain't seen her stress
One of the four is effective
Gotta be a little more careful who you mess with
Number five, don't date a bitch with no ambition and drive
Can't get it on their own
Depend on you to survive
No, get a companion ntwana, not a lesser chick
A focused lady is a top prerequisite
Number six, don't ever ever trust these chicks
Man they could be deceitful and cheaper than ?
See men are like dogs, we leave our shit everywhere
Women are like cats, don't see their shit anywhere
Number seven, this rule is so underrated
My nigga don't pillow talk
To the bitches that yo lay with
When it comes to the day y'all break up for instance
She gon tell the next nigga all about your business
Number eight, for the niggas that ain't go their game straight
Slacking in their macking, slipping in the pimpin'
If another dude wining why envy and shake
Males shouldn't be jealous
That's a female trait
Number nine might be a personal favourite of mine
Delete all text messages, no trails behind
Know these rules might sound a little cliche slime
That's the nuber one reason we get caught all the time
Number ten, never choose a chick over your friends
Man these bitches come and go
Bros stay 'til the end
Not all homey though, talking 'bout the day ones
They always had your back
You know, kept it A1
I'm out
L-Tido 10 Mac lyrics
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