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Demarco Live On lyrics

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Demarco Live On Lyrics

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[Demarco - Live On lyrics]

[Verse 1:]
Mi cyaan wait till poverty done
Mi tired a the gun
Bay shot a fire an the ghetto youths blood a run
Hi dark in a the day when wi a go get the sun
Ghetto youths just pray better day shall come
No more remand hunts day done
Bring it back to when Mandela dem a stadium
The youths dem no happy dem no have no play ground
But how dem fi play weh dead man a lay down
An thr bigger heads naw walk through the ghetto dem
Pore a get poorer cause the taxis a pressure dem
Dem waan wi vote seh dem a go make it better when
It come like poor people dem in a more dept again
This a no threat wi a sent[Chorus:]
So live on... live on... live on
Ghetto youth
Live on... live on... live on
So live on... live on... live on
When another gone yes another one born
So live on... live on... live on
Live on... live on... live on
Live on... live on... live on
Mi seh after a storm yeh it must be a calm[Verse 2:]
Dem seh Jamaica bruk like dog people
When dem have the most X5 X6 vehicles
That's why the ghetto youths dem start pree evil
But no no box a vanity unu no need to
No mi a beg you please stop the violence
Ghetto youths put the dogs dem pon silent
Pon a tin straw poor people a hold on
Ghetto youths wa the pot pon fire fi put on
So where there's a will then it must be a way
Why turn to violence when you can pray
Lef dem to time that mi granny would say
A to the bigger heads dem have a bless day[Chorus][Verse 1][Chorus]

Demarco Live On lyrics
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