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Allergic To Badmind Friend


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Demarco Allergic To Badmind Friend lyrics

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Demarco Allergic To Badmind Friend Lyrics

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[Demarco - Allergic To Badmind Friend lyrics]

Andrew blacks
Tell Dem youth yah the facts
Dey ah me yard ah meds ah kick back
Listen to me rap...
From yuh see dem (y)eye get red
Ah see dem wah see yuh pon yuh death bead
Dem fire copper and it miss you
The boy dem wah yuh get lead
Hear way me say[Chorus:]
Tell them agen...
Say me allergic to badmind friend
So me bun dem out like the grabba and blend
Dem only see yuh when Dem Inna problem
And wey hurt me the most
You and Dem stand up Inna dance and ah toast
Turn round want mek yuh duppy wah mek yuh ghost
Fi come siddung pon corner ah boast
Dem cold like puppy nose
Me never pree yours so why you ah pree mine
Dutty heart people wah fi see me life resign
Look wey Dem do Kartel, him never did ah pree time
Dem wah fi see progress stop like a street sign
But ah nuh every friend bad
Real friend mek yuh build pon wey yuh have
Dem nuh dey round yuh fi ah pinch and ah grab
Friendship mean more to dem than the money bag[Chorus]
The boy say him ah me bredda
Me drop ah one spear the boy ah look me baby-mother
People, listen mek me tell yuh wet me gather,
Badmind (s)tinker than ah red herring grabba
Wolf Inna sheep clothes, think sey dem smart
Drink a dozen jelly, wash off yuh dutty heart
Ah so me know dem ah nuh no friend from start
So like the red sea this yah friendship yah part[Chorus]

Demarco Allergic To Badmind Friend lyrics
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