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Fren Circle


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Demarco Fren Circle lyrics

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Demarco Fren Circle Lyrics

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[Demarco - Fren Circle lyrics]

If you never know me from before
No bother try know
No call up mi name fi no allaby now
Mi know them yah youth yah from a zaza zie now
From mi eye deh a toe[Chorus:]
No new friend to mi circle
Nough a them waan si mi lydown in a the hearse to
Close casket fi mi itch up in a the church to
A wait fi mi dead tell them patience is a virtue
That's why, a old friend, a old friend, a old friend
Caw mi know them, mi know them, mi know them
Yeh, a old friend, a old friend, a old friend
Caw mi know them, mi know them, mi know them[Verse 1:]
Them seh one smitten twice shy
So mi cross of the T and mi dot all the eye
All mi friend them old school like cardiroy
Wi a spar from far, far, far, like the bye
How mi fi diss mi friend friend them, how could I?
Mi friend them deh beside mi like June And July
Mi and mi friend them waan smoke couple Cubans fi buy
Wi no itch a one place too long, wi move and seh bye[Chorus][Verse 2:]
Cause new friend wi badmind you fi yo vehicle
Plan up fi go tek weh yo life fi not a reason
New friend wi look all yo wife and that a evil
Mi no chat to people so much if mi no need to
Old friends, just watch the friends them you a keep to
In a dark them lead you, bullet you fi yo bleed
Eden, the holy book mi have to read
Back to no new friend mi tell them mi no need
Set speed[Chorus][Verse 1][Chorus x2]

Demarco Fren Circle lyrics
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