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Omoge Mi

P Square

Album: Get Squared
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P Square Omoge Mi lyrics

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P Square Omoge Mi Lyrics

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[P Square - Omoge Mi lyrics]
No [x2]
Girl why yeah yeah
Omoge mi
Ati padi mi
He eh [x2]
Oremi eh
Girl why yeah yeah

[Verse 1:]
So many times I wonder why
Tears dey for my eyes
For so long me I no know
Say my girl friend and my best friend
They play me and them no send
This na the thing way dey make me feel so

[Bridge 1:]
I bin forgive her the other time
She was begging to be mine
I told her not to cry
That everything will be alright
But now I wonder why
It has to be this guy
This na my only best friend

If na you, tell me wetin you go do your girl friend
Omoge ti mo feran
Ti emi feran, ti emi fe ri
Omoge mi ati padi mi
Won ti semi nkan ti o da
Wetin you go do your best friend?
This na padi mi, oremi eyi e eh
Girl why yeah yeah

[Verse 2:]
No [x4]
I no go fit take am any more
Lai lai
She suppose to be my wife
To bring the light in our lives
To my personal person
I don learn my lesson
And I dey swear

[Bridge 2:]
This no go happen again oh
This Na my biggest mistake eh
And my friends no go see me again
And my girl no put me for shame


[Bridge 1]

Girl, uuuhhh uhhh
Oremi eh, eh
No, no, no, no, no, no, no [2x]
I no go fit take am any more

[Bridge 2: till fade]

[Chorus: till fade]
P Square Omoge Mi lyrics
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