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Pressure (Ft. Reason)


Album: Levels
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AKA Pressure (Ft. Reason) lyrics

AKA is a South African mainstream rap artist. He was born in Cape Town on January 28, 1988. AKA’s birth name is Kiernan Jarryd Forbes. [h]Early Beginning[/h] The rapper ventured into music after...

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AKA Pressure (Ft. Reason) Lyrics

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[AKA - Pressure (Ft. Reason) lyrics]
Motherfuckers gonna drop the pressure [x4]

[Verse 1: AKA]
I need a moment of clarity, I need a motive
I need a worthy opponent
No one can challenge me, dearly devoted
Weight of the world on my shoulders
I'm focused on family, they focused on selling their magazines
Stuck in a fantasy life
Talking shit till your battery die
Oh you wanna see me crumble
Living in a concrete jungle
Take a walk in my custom kicks wanna touch these kids
You can call me Uncle
I talk insane numbers
I like my paper large
Bunch of Blade Runners
Yeah we some shooting stars

[Hook: Reason]
When the pressure's on I keep pressing on and I'm gone [x3]

[Verse 2: Reason]
You might see the life I live and maybe think it looks nice and fresh
I mean sometimes it is
They offer me the nicer things but some people trying to fight with it
While tryna bite your shit
Fuck it imma fight to live with every lyric
When I rhyme I kick
I'm killing everything around the kid
I can tell by where your hands pointing at, you already know what time it is
Marra bitch I came up
From a starving artist
From the underground now I'm way up
Couple number ones on a couple charts so I bet awards
Still I got cred like Pay Pal
I'm reaching till I hit the ceiling cause I was beneath them like Lucifer's playground
So when the fame just fade out, all the greatness remains just the same as I came out blaow


[Verse 3: AKA]
Pardon me I'm just doing my bid
To legit to be losing my grip
Mamma Mia I won't let the media under my skin
Handle my biz
Plus I'm a genius and I got every ingredient needed to win
Fuck all these encyclopedias walking 'round telling me how I should live, shit
The bigger the belt
The larger the target the harder they fell
I'm a product of knowledge and self
You might need a psychologist's help if you think I'm not at the helm
They talk about pressure but nothing's impressive to me
I feel so underwhelmed
Took this shit to a whole other realm

AKA Pressure (Ft. Reason) lyrics
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