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AKA Jealousy lyrics

AKA is a South African mainstream rap artist. He was born in Cape Town on January 28, 1988. AKA’s birth name is Kiernan Jarryd Forbes. [h]Early Beginning[/h] The rapper ventured into music after...

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AKA Jealousy Lyrics

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[AKA - Jealousy lyrics]
Said the boy came up too quick
Remind me to sign my trophies
Said the kid don't run this shit?
You better put down that nyaope
I had the time of my life
I'm riding round with your bitch
My dick is top of her mind
Therefore I fuck what you think
Pardon me did I go too far
Hot sixteen did I go too hard
Pop champagne get a sip too strong
Gotta fill myself just a little too
I paved the way for these dudes
You can't take myself esteem
If I was you I'd hate me too
Ahhhhhh Jealousy

Big things going on le di kenelang?
It's a brand new day
Awwww shit, why you mad at us?
See them brand new J's
From the city where the crime don't pay
Money on my mind all day
If you alive put your hands in the sky and wave 'em side to side
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Jealousy

Aha you talking that filthy
Needa talk more racks on racks
Rappers need to break down my history
Before you want cash on wax
Go ahead make my day
I'mma run my lane like Usain
Cool and the gang, lames get to hang
If their name is Sadaam Hussein
Show love for the Honchos, where
They be?
My Throne getting by, on top by the week
Club ho's on the leash, ho's on their feet
Take it outside now we all on the beach
Please, pray for my enemies
I hope they Rest In Peace
Success I guess it brings


AKA came back with the fresh cut
Need to put you new shit on hold
Far as I see nigga playing catch-up
Accessories is all gold
Ahhh I rest my case
I'mma go hard every breath I take
Hoppin' out cars, looking like they from
That gushesh from Space
Look at my heart, spit it on 16 bars
Put it all on display
How you gon' judge?
How you gon' show no love?
We one and the same
Everything that you hate
But you love everything that I make
Say my name, say my name
You love the taste
You only raising my game, go

AKA Jealousy lyrics
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