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Feat: Joey B
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Sarkodie LEGEND Ft. Joey B lyrics

Sarkodie, the fourth of five children, was born and raised in Tema,to his mother Maame Aggrey. Sarkodie started rapping at a young age and continued throughout his educational career. He attended Tema...


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Sarkodie LEGEND Lyrics

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[Sarkodie Ft. Joey B - LEGEND lyrics]
[Verse 1: Sarkodie]
Chale ma speedy up
Me fans no akasa saa ma me feeli bad
Mehu no saa na ayese ma loose guard
Afe weyi die Ghanafoc monfre me energy guard
Cos me ma mo hume koraa niema a mebeye no
Obi drope a na ma drope menim die mope no
Meye sorry se makye na bebia na mehye no
Nkoraa no nkoda na menkyere mo se die yeye no
Why are you tagging like you know me?
I'm always at the top its very lonely
Mese meko gye mahome kakraa naso me bieye no mahu se niggas adane phoney
New niggas got me feeling like a Old G
Rap sei na mope a masa no P
Obaahemaa susu kyere woho na wiase onipa nse hwee
Wo boss koraa me **** ne low key
[Verse 2]
You are now rocking with the legend
Recorde na time is of the essence
Menni hour, menni minute, menni seconds
Forget past now deal with the present
Afe wae die memma obi en waste wo time
Builde wo boarder mema nipa bia mbe crosse wo line
Obia antwe wo ansen a master bibia beye fine
Dabidabi wani nfifre beye wine Ah!
I put in the work me twen results
Ma study me fence maho me flaws
Mahwe me income maho me profit and loss
Madanfo na se wonni mentality of a boss a Joe away bus
Se wo nfa wo time ye hwee a you for dey guard
2019 yeni time we dey pay VAT
Me nye ready se obi be we me paid part
[Verse 3]
This is a message to the youth
Checke wa abrabo hwe the people you dey recruit
Its better to be walking with a friend
Who go motivate you than to mingle in a group
Menni time, menni time a mede beko club
Mepe sika nti madwuma metumi ngya gap
Meni time, wowc time die aa make we swap
But mea mepe more medi edit me rap
Wiase mu a yewo yi opportunity go come and go
But all we got is time
Now to the young rappers
No time to slow down anyday.......
Ko no all out until the lights out
Anything you gotta do do it right now
Have a no doubt na ko no all round
Pushe ko kopem se yebeti wo din
Wo White House holdup
From Delay to David Lederman
Yes you trynna be a better man
It takes alot to stay relevant
Your situation never go be permanent
Mbre se yeton a nka ne buo no?
Wodie fa woho bo kokosa foo no
Menni time a mede be joine queue ko gyina bank
Nti me download me SC mobile app mena me ko no
[Hook: Joey B]Sark and Beezy we are back again
Mbre no aso park your things
This shit is not a game
This shit is not a game
We alright we okay
We don't fold we don't fade
True boss true source
I pay the cost to be the boss
I pay the cost to be the boss
True source true boss
I pay the cost to be the boss
I pay the cost to be the boss
True boss true source
I pay the cost to be the boss
I pay the cost to be the boss
True source true boss
I pay the cost to be the boss
I pay the cost to be the boss
Sarkodie LEGEND lyrics Ft. Joey B
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