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AKA Factory78 Freestyle lyrics

AKA is a South African mainstream rap artist. He was born in Cape Town on January 28, 1988. AKA’s birth name is Kiernan Jarryd Forbes. [h]Early Beginning[/h] The rapper ventured into music after...

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AKA Factory78 Freestyle Lyrics

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[AKA - Factory78 Freestyle lyrics]
Yeah watsup this AKA
We in the Factory in the place to be
I gotta go
I gotta kick a verse one time
Check it out

In this life full of all types of drugs
I trust my gut
I up my bucks
She say she wanna spend the night with mugs/Maggz
I guess another one bites the dust
Don't get ahead of yourself cause the streets is watching
They measure their wealth in sneaker boxes
I'm fresh to def these beats are coughing
Niggas better proceed with caution
I'm awesome
And don't you know that blood is thicker than water
See me in the flesh
Now you feeling my aura
Who wonder what the best
I'm living on the edge
I run Jozi
You run with the Reps
Boss mega
No Doc Doc Shebeleza
I box with the legend
You up next, ha
Now everybody wanna test
Gotta freestyle cause I don't text
And I'm
In the UK loving my life
So many girls say they wanna be my wife
Off with the freestyle F78
Don't you know that them South Africans is so great
And I know I gotta break
Go to Westwood so I would spit on the tape
And I
Gotta send my gas bill homie
All the peeps in the UK
You just don't know me
I'd be out in Manchester, Birmingham
They filming him, yeah you know
Let me get it back (x2)
Time to spit up on the beat
Lemme get it back
Swag is on full attack
I got the flag in my suitcase, ha
Aka they say that you be the new wave
Shout out to BET
Stepping off the plane smelling like Euros
No wonder.
They wanna give me more kudos

Big shout to F78
I gotta go
AKA Factory78 Freestyle lyrics
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