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Mi Casa Leave lyrics

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Mi Casa Leave Lyrics

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[Mi Casa - Leave lyrics]
I remember the days when you use to like everything I did..Mmmm
My words like gold you would hold on to every word I said..Yeah
You used to crave my touch coming home in a rush

But now you change you're ways, not the same, now this love has come & go..Mmmm
When this going gets tougher you complain saying it's getting too much
Well you clearly ain't ready committing for loving & such...oh no no
You don't deserve my time, don't deserve my love...Oh Mmmm
Like you say I'm a man & that I need to say what I need to say

Yeah you heard me baby
I said leave & don't come running back to me
Leave & don't come running back to me

Too good for me, you're mind tricks you to believe in that..Oh what a shame baby
So go on pack you're things & don't bother even thinking of coming back..no
I'm gonna, we gonna wright it down baby cause that's a fact..Yes
I got no time sticking around cause a man like me deserved better then that...Mmmm now
cause my heart can't be treated..come on girl see I've had enough..ooooh
so I'm keen with you
no more calls, no more texts, no none of thee above..Yeah you heard me baby

I said Leave & don't come running back to me so go on baby
Leave & don't come running back to me so go on baby (x6)
Mi Casa Leave lyrics
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