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Young Mahasi Fly lyrics

Hasane Mathe II born (September 09, 1996) known by his stage name Young Mahasi is a South African recording artist, producer and songwriter from Mokopane, Limpopo. He is also known as a half member of...

About Fly

The song was recorded within 3 minutes and the content of the song was taken from the instrumental name "Fye" and was changed to "fly" by Young Mahasi. The instrumental of the song was composed by Yung Kartz.

Young Mahasi Fly Lyrics

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[Young Mahasi - Fly lyrics]
It's Young

Pussy as niggas don't hate me when I rap on Yung Kartz beats
Yung Kartz beats, Yung Kartz beats
Fly, fly, fly fly fly
Fly, fly, fly fly fly

I'm Agent I don't have to re-introduce myself
I know you know me like you know my dad
Don't talk to me like you ain't know,
I gotta lot of thing that I gotta say
I've been rapping since he was born
But me I got this mic man
Don't fuck me well-minded man
I've been behind don't try to tell me that
Open the gate when I get there
You can ask Bill Gate he does open the gate that I closed
Tell these niggas I don't want them close
So much shit I gotta say
Don't hate me but I gotta say Yung Kartz beats is killing shit


Been the bitch let them niggas know
Mahasi F Babe am taking over
Sleep with the Alien am killing them
Don't fuck with me, I will fuck your mom or your grandmom
I Don't sleep with them niggas those who like snacks
Now they busy looking in my eyes tryna steal my eyesight
I'm not a fucking blind man, lame nigga let me tell ya
Sleep with them niggas, I'mmer shoot them
You don't sleep with the bitches, let me eat them
Cause what I do that is what I did
The first day I met your grandmom she was my bitch that night man
Now you busy tryna fuck with me, I will fuck your mom
You might be my son


I bounce back, I kill them
I don't sleep like batman
Look what he tryna do, he tryna eat your mom
But still he got no dick man
I stole his dick when I was 5
Now am old am getting young
Don't speak with me am a man
Don't fuck with me am a LAN
Don't tell me you’re the greatest,
Young Mahasi been rapping since he was born
Now he tryna eat their bones
Fuck Let them niggas, they stim their soul
You're just the soul your nothing else
Tell these niggas I will eat their graves
Everybody say in the graveyard I killed them
I got their guns I will shoot them
Young Mahasi Fly lyrics
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