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Enuff Said


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Demarco Enuff Said lyrics

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Demarco Enuff Said Lyrics

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[Demarco - Enuff Said lyrics]

Badman wi buss off dem head
Badman wi buss out you head
Enough said
Gangsta wi buss out you head
Gangsta wi buss out you head
Gangsta wi buss out you head
From dem diss nothing nuh fine like thread
Wi nuh itch, wi nuh loaf like half a bread
Dem bwoy deh crown haffi drop off a head
And wi buss out you head[Verse 1:]
Fi mi gun dem nuh hard fi buss dawg cause it a nuh island
From you diss the dawg you face a touch the dry land
When wi a step a go fi bwoy nuh need no 35 man
Everything haffi go lydown like a dirty divan
Hey, nuh fraid a people much less yo tough chat
And you mussi waan yo face split up in a fraction
A could a dance dem a video mi seh action[Chorus][Verse 2:]
Lyrics dem have it under harner
A nuh chips when mi send fi the piece dem a Casava
From you violate you a go run up in a lava
Water Ford man dem nuh play wi nuh informer
That's why wi haffi big up real youth
Shawn Storm
Badness a nuh play, play, thing
That a nuh drama
Nuh change infront a Judge wi nuh transformer
Haffi share the riches wid the youths like barber
Before mi turn papa mi buss out you head[Chorus]

Demarco Enuff Said lyrics
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