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Shane Eagle

Album: Yellow
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Shane Eagle Intro lyrics

Shane Eagle is best known for making as one of the top three contestants on South African television show Vuzu: The Hustle. Shane was born raised in Johannesburg. He is of European descent from his...

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Shane Eagle Intro Lyrics

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[Shane Eagle - Intro lyrics]
T-minus 15 seconds, guidance is internal
12, 11, 10, 9...
Ignition sequence start
6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
High with me, shine with me, grind me
Vibe with me, fly with me, shine with me
Grind with me, die with me
Cause niggas we pissing them off
Wait till we get to the top, yeah
We on and we on
Why does it feel like I'm dreaming?
Why does it feel like I'm dreaming?
Is this my dream?
Is this my life?
Man, I can't tell
Some nights feel like heaven
Some nights feel like hell
Niggas losing lives everyday
You should be thankful to be here
You should be thankful to be here
You should be thankful to be here
We should just travel the world
In love with your hair and your curves
In love with the way that you think
In love with the way that you...
You know I'm never gon' stop that
You know I never make my socks match
You know I'm working like day and night to get paper right you gon' pop that
Rap life ain't good yo
But it pays good yo
Young nigga on his way
We found loopholess
Never hopeless
I never chose this
All these cameras in my face
I can't focus
You were there from the jump
You say how high I jump
Why you push me the edge
Why you told me to jump
I show these niggas it's okay to be real
Wear your heart on your sleeve and show them how you feel
I get strength from above when I lay down and kneel
When they steal from the pool they trip out when they steal
Man I'd rather be broke with the best of the music than fuck around and sign that deal
Came from the pride of the lions
They taught me to kill
High with me
Shine with me
Grind me
Die with me
Yah, yah, yah

Shane Eagle Intro lyrics
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