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Die Antwoord Orinoco Ninja Flow lyrics

Die Antwoord which means "The Answer" in Afrikaans, is a South African rap-rave band formed in Cape Town in 2008. Fronted by vocalists Ninja and Yolandi Visser, their music is produced by DJ Hi-Tek. T...

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Die Antwoord Orinoco Ninja Flow Lyrics

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[Die Antwoord - Orinoco Ninja Flow lyrics]
Yo, everybody take it to the next fucking level
Die Antwoord versus Enya, Orinoco Ninja Flow
Sail away motherfucker remix
Are you ready for dis? Hm?
Are you ready for dis girl?
(Check it)

I think about you when I masturbate
You can't even believe it, but that's okay
On the microphone I fascinate
When I let my third eye exaggerate
Freaky visions, I'll tell you what I see
Cold concrete scattered with dry leaves
You're naked, lying on the pavement
People are standing around with laany shoes

You can hardly move, you look sexy
All of a sudden, the streets are empty
You stand up, open your eyelids
You in a trench coat, it's French, you look stylish
You walk in the silence, Not sure what the time is
It's totally twilight, sky is violet
An abandoned house, look ahead you see
Someone opened the door, and yes, it's me
With the meanest penis you've even seen
You're on your period, with no tampon
You kneel down, get with the vibe

(Sail away motherfuckers!)
Your period blood has crystallized
(Sail away motherfuckers!)
You offer me the red crystal, it's ill
(Sail away motherfuckers!)
Grab a hold of the mic tight, tonight's the night
(Sail away motherfuckers!)

Lift up your dress, open up your legs
Your vagina's sewn up, untie the thread
My sublime rhyme inside your head
Your mind is rushing, vagina gushing
Another chick in the corner taking a piss
It looks nice, the whole vibe is totally kinky
Look around, the new room is fancy
Remove your fur coat, remove your panties
I'm rockin' a suit and a black face mask,
I ejaculate in a champagne glass
Your precious flesh is so mysterious
Pierce your nipples with two long needles Like a crucifix
Take you to another level, while I get my freak on
The vibe is mental, transcendental
We somewhere else now
Still rockin' the mask, but I've taken off my suit
You're rockin' a mask too, shakin' your nice boobs,
I tell you I like you, you feel my piel

Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up, fucked up loud
Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up, fucked up loud
Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up, fucked up loud
Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up, fucked up loud

Sail away motherfuckers!
Sail away motherfuckers!
Sail away motherfuckers!
Sail away motherfuckers!

Unh, yo
You arrive at the cemetery in time for the ceremony
I give you a hot kiss, grab a hold of your arse cheeks
How'd you like to get laid in this
Tombstone in the middle of the rain forest
My gaze put you in a daze, I'm loving your long tongue
Look at your beautiful face, covered in hot cum
Spread my wings, block out the sun
Lie on my back, scope out your bum
My pen1s stays hard, you're breathing heavily
I penetrate you, the feeling's heavenly
Now bounce girl, you know it's hot

(Sail away motherfuckers!)

Bounce, bounce girl like oh my god

(Sail away motherfuckers!)

Totally, freaky deaky funky

(Sail away motherfuckers!)

Ninja, make you leave your body

(Sail away motherfuckers!)
Die Antwoord Orinoco Ninja Flow lyrics
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