Shane Eagle - Homework As$Ignment  Lyrics

Homework As$Ignment

Shane Eagle

Album: Never Grow Up
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Shane Eagle Homework As$Ignment lyrics

Shane Eagle is best known for making as one of the top three contestants on South African television show Vuzu: The Hustle. Shane was born raised in Johannesburg. He is of European descent from his...

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Shane Eagle Homework As$Ignment Lyrics

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[Shane Eagle - Homework As$Ignment lyrics]
Hey, hey
Young Eagle a diamond
Hey, hey
Young Eagle a diamond
Product of the violence
Said she seen too much, she would rather sit in silence
Stare into my iris
Love's like a virus
And I would rather be infected by all the kindness
Love is natural, they orchestrate the hate
Don't be knowing what is real, and be infatuate with fate
I'm just scrolling down my phone
And I know this shit's a trap
Tryna find my way without using Google Maps
'Cause they watching from the sky
Feeding us lies
Legends never die, I can see it in my...
Yeah, we don't really want more problems
All we really want is more commas
Is more happiness more commas?
I think more happiness is more knowledge
I don't know anything, half across the world and
I just found everything
They tryna tell my young niggas always dodge the wedding ring
'Cause it's, fuck hoes, get money, Live your life
Until you lonely at night, find her right, do her right, stick by her side, hold it down
Make sure she for now, and forever out
Pray your heroes never let you down
Never Grow Up

Shane Eagle Homework As$Ignment lyrics
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