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Ola Dips Maybe lyrics

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Ola Dips Maybe Lyrics

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[Ola Dips - Maybe lyrics]
Sleek is Amazing
Omo Iya Aję
Han Han
Oluwa lo pa wa mo lati January wo December
Nigba ti a ri owo se fire oloboro, ti ko si eba
Nigba ti ko si record label, helper tabi sponsor
When I was doing it for passion and the culture
All my life i have been on a mission to be great
I sacrificed everything bro, whatever that it takes

And maybe i was selfish at some point in my life,
cus while making choices i could have made some mistakes
Well, if you ask, i would say it’s true
I mean, Maybe i should have stayed in school
Maybe i should have been in church or prayed with you, but music chose me so i thought its cool
Cus i thought its you like this talent is God’s gift, right?
Unless of course it is all drift
What if this is just God testing my faith and all this are just trips
Doctors will never joke around when it’s real cancer
Metaphorically speaking, God i need answers
Cus every step that i took and every move that i made was a leap of faith that i took in your name

I hate to accept that i failed
Already lost count of the times that i prayed
Give me a sign, i need to be sure that you are listening
Aijebe baba God, emi ati yin oni jo ni isinmi
Huh, maybe i shouldnt blame you
I mean i met Reminisce and it was through the same you
I had a plan and i thought that we would finish work
I want to know why, God tell me why it didn’t work
I was a young promising dips before i signed to label
Same reason why i had to leave the label
I used to be responsible for my loss and wins
Then it felt like someone cut my wings
Dann! Maybe i shouldnt have signed in the first place
Now i feel like choking myself with my necklace

The day that i signed, i wish there was an eclipse
I would have stayed in my house and watched my netflix
No regrets tho! Just life lessons
And ever since i left, i’ve been in my right senses
You need to be in my shoes to know how it really feels
No more taking drugs and no more popping bills
I know you did all you could but…
We dont do the things that we should
I thought we had a business but you told me you was helping me
But why did you give me a f-ucking deal if you was helping me
Your mindset is a riddle that i solved
And… here is the reason that i brawled
If you spend a dollar and you claimed that is a favor then the contract was a f-cking trap and a fraud

There are two sides to a story
I had to pour my mind out tho, i’m sorry
You never saw me making money for the label
everything you did, feels like you did it for the optics
Maybe along the line i had my own flaws
Maybe i am just lost in my own cloths
Let me pause for a minute and be my own judge
Maybe its not your fault, maybe its my own probs

Dear upcomings, i know you wish to be signed
I know you want the celebrity life so you choose to be blind
But let this be a lesson and a boost to your brand
Take advantage of the internet, get used to your grind
Get used to the hustle cause it’s deeper that you think
Because life is also hard for most of the niggas that you see
Take it easy on yourself bro, it’s better to grow slowly
Dont be like me and some of my colleagues with same story
Wo! I’m responsible for my actions
Omo alakisa mi shi ma pada di alaso
Sugbon ti ko ba ni idi mi o le ma para with no reason
But iya bode so fun mi pe aint nobody owe me shit
Aint nobody owe me shit, right? but i signed a deal then i expected some doings
Regardless, thank you for everything!
Ola Dips Maybe lyrics
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