Ola Dips - Bounce (Ft. Reminisce) Ft. Reminisce Lyrics

Bounce (Ft. Reminisce)

Ola Dips

Feat: Reminisce
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Ola Dips Bounce (Ft. Reminisce) Ft. Reminisce lyrics

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Ola Dips Bounce (Ft. Reminisce) Lyrics

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[Ola Dips Ft. Reminisce - Bounce (Ft. Reminisce) lyrics]
Emi bounce wonu ogo lo
moti bounce kuro nu osi
Emi bounce wonu ogo lo
moti bounce kuro nu osi

[Verse – Reminisce]

You Already know I am King but this Niggas love to f*ck around
I see ya’all dressed up wearing some imaginary crown
Its really hard to see these Niggas through my dark versace shade
All types of money coming in from many different ways
But emi wa ni Florida pulling up ni bucaraton
Ti n ba pa won tan, Ola Dips ma pass e ni baton
Da igboro ru bi gba ti gobe shele ti o si police
Plus I gat the best vocalist in this metropolis,
Nigga mtchewwww

[Verse – Ola Dips]

Alaga ni ki nye ma diss mo
I should talk about the real life
Won ti rebrand ola dips
Now I gat a new life
Tim ba ti marry tele
I’ll proudly get a new wife
But my girlfriend bin text me ola I just got a new knife
I know say I go make am
And probably get the fame soon
But as the fame they come
Alot of things go change soon
I` fit change my sim card or make I change my environment
Coz I go need some privacy for real
Emi ode fariwo mhen
Awon kan ma sope ola toba ti blow
No forget us
Mi o ni daruko eni kankan
Story yen mo kan fe touch
Ninu okunkun le lo mi wa
Sugbon sibe won o fe touch
Coz me I don pay my dues
But the game still dey debt us
Eyan melo mo fe so fun
To ma comprehend mi
Awon amoni seni weakness mi lo fe fi end mi
To rie mo se ma n code
Kan ma mobi ti mo weak si
Ilekun iyara mi kan ma mope igi mo fi nti
To ba gba mi leti otun
Olohun matun ko tosi si e
Sugbon to ba ti nlo
Padi watch your back ko wo ojiji e
Kawon eye to su e
Kan ma lo sope awon ti lodi si e
Ibi to ye kan ti gbe tea wa fun e
Kan ma lo po ogi fun e

Gbogbo nkan ti mo nso eri pe owa metaphorical
O da bi keyan fiyara e le
Ko lo yaso ni bar
Ton ba fi were lo e
Won a ni alare ni eri pe oni’ba
Odabi ki daddy eyan lowo
Keyan wa ya prodigal

[Hook – OlaDips]

Son o daughter o lets assume u be b*****d
Spending all your money and gambling with your last card
You no get money again
You want to sell your dad’s car
You are rascal
Is that how to be a gangstar

[Verse – OlaDips]

Ara me riri
Mo ri abino to nse capenter
Taba ba so nigba yen
Abo aso sile afe ja
Ijo to ma sele bai
Abino joko leso
Alale nidi ma nro
Abino ole sun o
Taba ba e so ko gbo
Padi mi make you listen
What you know is what you know
But try to learn a new thing
Dont leave by yourself
Padi try and share your ideas
Ma je kan mu e loba sa
Don’t go and sell your ideas

So many things wey I don sacrifice
No be everywhere president go
Na him he dey carry vice
So farewell to all the things wey I go leave behind
And some of the things I let go
But someday I go still rewind
But before then make I still dey build my fanbase
Awon to ma ku fun mi
Anytime when I start craze
Awon ton ma gun yin nidi
Ati awon ton ma stab face
Gbogbo igo tati fo gan bai
Ma ti lo five crate

I’m the street
This is hiphop at its peek
Cuppy na my real crush
But mo shi n moyan balikis
Even when I go commercial
I’ll still be loved by the street
And I want to be a legend
Ti mba tipe thirty-six
I’m not saying i’m the best rapper
But me am just different
I wanted to die for hiphop
But I lost inetrest
My brother na frustration push me
Make I pause this verse
Hiphop is my baby
I swear to god I love this girl

Sugbon oko nje ti baba tomo
Ko ma laa la
Ntori e mose ronu mi ti mo sun
Mo de lala
Mori awon rapper kan won po
Won ti o motor one-chance
Mo de rawon omo naija
To nfa mi laso say they wan dance
Bon se fi han mi niyen
E lo wa eni to ma tu fun yin
Eje sebi eni ku ke wo eni toma sunkun yin
Coz after this track
I don’t know what might come next
Rap yi o pe yan gan
I just have to be honest

Who is your best rapper
You better play my song for him
Tell am say na juju he use for you
Wey make you fall for him
Shout out si alaga
My career have been propelled
Oladips is the new king
Preach the gospel

Emi bounce wonu ogo lo
Moti bounce kuro nu osi
Ahn ahn
Ola Dips Bounce (Ft. Reminisce) lyrics Ft. Reminisce
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