Nadia Nakai - Don't Cut It  Lyrics

Don't Cut It

Nadia Nakai

Album: Bragga
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Nadia Nakai Don't Cut It lyrics

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Nadia Nakai Don't Cut It Lyrics

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[Nadia Nakai - Don't Cut It lyrics]
You make a hunnid thou
Get all these niggas saying they down for you
You turn your TV on
Now all these niggas tryna sound like you
Nah nah
Your shit don't cut it, cut it, nah baby (x4)

[Verse 1]
Your shit don't cut it
Hunnids hunnids hunnids, keep 'em coming
Your shit like a butter knife
I'm hella nice
I mute twice
No time for you Twitter thugs
Ball out for no reason
You need a reason to ball out
I'm too nice with it, roll one when I'm frustrated
We the shit, you constipated
It's so sad how you thought you made it
Like woah!
Not so quick
I'm here now and I run shit
Your whole squad I don't fuck with
You overrated like Trukfit
Man I'm killing this shit on the daily
My niggas get cash on the daily
They tell me the bag and we're [?]
But fuck 'em my nigga, we made it
(But fuck 'em my nigga, we made it)


[Verse 2]
Just getting started, bitch I been about it
Your shit wasn't dope so they cut it
You said you got it but we never heard it
So I take it you couldn't cut it
Family Tree we the topic
Made it from nothing to something
You don't get the picture, we crop it
Your crew is nothing but nothing
You hating
I dare you to stop us
Damn, I been around for a minute
I'm more than a rookie, you more like groupie
These bitches can't even faze me
Why you think they call me the Boogie Man
Look I'm cool again, fuck a cooler bag
Fuck a rap nigga, I been the man
I got bigger plans for the fam bruh
And these hunnies are mad in the sand box
Controlla, we no Bragga here
We no mess with no ruckus here
Barbie girl bring the champas here

Nadia Nakai Don't Cut It lyrics
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