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L.A.X Gimme Dat lyrics

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L.A.X Gimme Dat Lyrics

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[L.A.X - Gimme Dat lyrics]
Legendary beats
Eh, yeah.
It's L.A oh.
Legendary na na.
oh nana nana oh na na na na na
Say you set baje
baby girl me I like what i see baje
everything i see me i want baje
i want to take you on ride baby girl baje
Say me i like you
this no be lie matter, this one na true matter
Say me i want you
me i no go lie for you
i no go kiss and tell your mama
bad girl just gimme dat.gimme dat
bad girl come gimme dat.gimme dat
se me i like the style you gimme.
L.A.X Gimme Dat lyrics
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