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Dj Sidez Oshozondi Ft. Slim Case, Masta T lyrics

Dj Sidez is a professional disc jockey that loves songs very much and he was also in to music which he featured Slimcase and Masta T on his hits track Oshozondi (ballers). He was from kwara state and...

About Oshozondi

DJ Sidez, oooh
Usher, Usher Ray
What’s wrong with your network that it seems it’s raining?
Jacuzzi is now online, please wake Malaika
It’s Malaika that brought you here to watch it
what of water what if client
I use all the money stack up the house like Emperor Trillion, aaah Rahbi.

Dj Sidez Oshozondi Lyrics

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[Dj Sidez Ft. Slim Case, Masta T - Oshozondi lyrics]
DJ Sidez oh..
osha, oshare
kilo wa she network e to da wipe ojo ro bai
jacuzzi ti wa online G malaika
malaika lo gbe e wa wo
omi ko client ko
emi fi gbogbo owo toile be emperor trillion, ha rahbi.
Dj Sidez Oshozondi lyrics Ft. Slim Case, Masta T
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