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Feat: LadiPoe, Chyn
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Falz Chardonnay Music Ft. LadiPoe, Chyn lyrics


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Falz Chardonnay Music Lyrics

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[Falz Ft. LadiPoe, Chyn - Chardonnay Music lyrics]
[Verse 1: Falz]
Falz the bad guy is in the building
I love the trumpets man
wonderful sturv
just blow it, blow it
yes, I’m enjoying myself
Ladies and gentlemen, huh
these are mature music
For 18 and above only or maybe 21 self

This is SS3 senior rap, make my juniors bow
still do this for the cake, and still do dis for chow
they say wen them done blow, they turn stupid or proud
I guess I’m stupid and proud
tryna shout for the cloud
maybe I go hit the sun, I’m big as Jupiter now
awon te mi se ri mi, I still dey move with the crowd
baby I go change your life if only you would allow
cos you bad, you making people shoot me like ow!
and we chilling at my place and I’m with you on the couch
and wen you go down, I’m liking what you do with mouth
she say if I pay she go move that booty around
Lasgidi, money for hand and booty for ground
bring the Chardonnay joor, where the Rose at
I’m in your face like that Dj Sosay tat
so don’t play smart, cos I be omo eko
to ba ro kpe o mo what’s up I’ll show you how e dey go

They say what goes up, will always come down
well, we dey fly high
and we never touch ground
higher than a high priest, smoking on the high table
tryna add more zero till uncountable
and the super model girls we they give time table
and the quite greatest
euro sky is quite stable
yeah we tryna make cake, we dey bake the flour
and we trynna stay on top like raise to power ah

[Verse 2: Poe]
This is chardonnay music
it’s P O E baby
chilled white wine
Sunday afternoon, sun is coming in
I can’t help but think about my city
it’s poor by the way
Lagos, how far with Lagos on a Monday
traffic is as bad as the news on the front page
and judging by my salary, I might as well be unpaid
my boss has the audacity to call me on a Sunday
e be like say e chop crase, or chop fufu
cos dis stinks, everyone is on the island now till it sinks
I can only stay for a minute

I got to go, tryna make my mark in history now with no ink
I think if you truly being to Lagos
there’s beauty in the chaos
we’re so deep in the paper chase
that prayers wouldn’t save us
still I got to slow it down
so my baby can do her make up
man I take her everywhere, but lord knows she gonna delay us
Don’t show me where to pack
Oga show me where to take off
call me super hero but it’s time to take the Cape off
and let’s sip chardonnay
I put that CD on repeat and watch the sunlight fade
huh (let’s go)

[Verse 3: Chyn]
yes sir
Chyn uh huh.
I had a long week
it’s only right that I, you know,
help myself to a tall glass of Chardonnay
I know you know what I’m saying
huh, Chyn.. yeah
this is for my chardonnay drinkers
Moet sippers
the type that hold a convoy and still hold their liquor
huh, everyday there’s an occasion
so many chicks are spotted
101 Dalmatians
and it never ends like Lindsay Lohan’s court date
2 chicks, 3 shots and then foreplay
I learn from her

especially when she on her knees
body bad as hell smile heavenly
you red wine sipping after a long day
I hear you walking in them heels from the hallway
you always keep it classy red carpet Grammy awards
hell in Detroit
that booty can start a war
you’ll think they can handle you
but they hardly can
let me get my hands on your mammary glands
and the other chicks never had class
they where home schooled
but guess who, that’s right
yes you

[Outro: Falz]
thank you so much ladies and gentlemen
unfortunately that is the end of the show
I’m signing out shout out just my my man Chyn
Poe’s in the building too
sparks on the beat by the way
oya blow that trumpet again let me hear it
I love it
Peace out.
Falz Chardonnay Music lyrics Ft. LadiPoe, Chyn
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