Kheengz - Jealousy Ft. M.I Abaga Lyrics



Feat: M.I Abaga
Prod: Chopstix
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Kheengz Jealousy Ft. M.I Abaga lyrics

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''King Bawa'' aka Kheengz, YungKheengz, YFK. Is an independent hip-hop recording artist and actor. He play key role in the TV series Crazy, Lovely, Cool and Heart &Soul. He was born in Kaduna State bu...

About Jealousy

There’s no doubt Kheengz is the fastest growing upcoming rapper in
the North and is on a nationwide takeover conquest which he seems
to be doing well. His much anticipated Mixtape the “College Kid
Mixtape” CKMT finally hits the web. His flow, delivery and versatility
makes u yearn for the whole mixtape.
The lead single is “Jealousy” feeat MI Abaga. Also featured are
Snowflake, Soul flavour , and G’rell.

Kheengz Jealousy Lyrics

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[Kheengz Ft. M.I Abaga - Jealousy lyrics]
College kid mixtape
M.I….Young… Y-F-K
I’m a force to be reckoned with, a threat you cant
Cos only a few seconds and i’m starting to illuminate,
Haters on my neck and they starting to really irritate,
First thing they wanna welcomed me and then they start
to really hate,
I celebrate to what they say until they go and find the
Tell you that you’re good and go and talk behind your
I hate to be the one to break the news but you’re kinda
You will never drop it dude- candle wax,
Ride around in my campus, ride around in my campus
Ride around and i’m getting’ it, you aint getting’ it cos
you can’t burst
Talk careers i end yours, talk careers i end yours,
Haters praying i ran outta words (wards) like a scared
But i’m scared not, i show haters deviante,
And i know my hustle surely gon’ pay one day,
So i dey kampe, if you’re making good music means we
gat a lot of common like jay and kanye….
So they talking shit on facebook and their tweets(cos
they jealous),
Tell them me i only know how to jump on beats(cos they
Telling me this nigga aint from the streets(cos they
They had better shut up and go to sleep (cos they
Jealous,jealous,jealous,(quit running your mouth)
Jealous,jealous,jealous,(quit running your mouth)
Jealous,jealous,jealous,(quit running your mouth)
You just another whack jealous emcee…
Green is the mixture of the colours blue and yellow,
I blew you new niggas out the water- i’m that fellow
Making green while you niggas suck on lala like camelo,
Making green cos i’m pulling strings like i’m playing cello
Making green while i’m still on my ahmadu bello,
Uni when i do me, school you rappers truly,
Rapping for the rap game is my duty,
So he who thinking to me here’s an obstacle,
You still gat alot to do,
I see the jealousy in the eyes of these other rhymers,
Started ahead of us but somehow ended up behind us,
I guess the haters turned your testicles to vaginas,
All it takes is one line for your plus to become a minus,
So quit the twitter talk that bitter talk,
You better talk some better talk so we can sit and talk,
We’ll sit and talk then i’ll consider whether you can get a
little bop,
You get a little bop that’s when you gon’ be facing all
these jealousy,(nigga)
Facing all these jealousy (nigga)
Facing all these jealousy (nigga)
Facing all these jealousy (nigga)…..
Cos you jealous,jealous,jealous,(quit running your
You jealous,jealous,jealous,(quit running your mouth)
You jealous,jealous,jealous,(quit running your mouth)
You just another whack jealous emcee…
I’m a stunner plus i was born to floss better,
Steady hating on a nigga like django on a horse
See me turn a boss, my path you don’t wanna cross,
This aint hollywood, aint acting up, just tryna warner bros
These bros be acting up, these bros be acting up,
It means e dun dey cast with the cash i be stacking up,
These flows i aint likin’ ’em, these flows i aint likin’ ’em,
See i’m coming up too fast, way too fast, haters
attacking him,
And attacking on me as if-as if they don’t know the boy
is good,
Lucky i don’t do beef, i don’t do beef like a cow,
Asking me if i’m gullible, that question is so rhetorical,
All they could do is leave me stranded like a tiny hair
You dey form you are too dope with’ ‘your whack
Hating the next best thing from this little nation,
I gat the formula to blow and in this situation, is i X
emcees, equal to you that’s the equation…
Kheengz Jealousy lyrics Ft. M.I Abaga
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