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Joyous Celebration Prayer lyrics

A dream was born between three friends more than 20 years ago in KZN, today this dream stands as a colossal monument across the music industry in South Africa. Jabu Hlongwane, Lindelani Mkhize and Mth...

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Joyous Celebration Prayer Lyrics

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[Joyous Celebration - Prayer lyrics]
Why did it take so long
For me to know that you're mine
Yet you've been standing by my heart's door
For as long as I can remember
Lord you can take me
You can make me
You can make me what you want
You can hold me
Lord you can mold me
You can make me what you want
Make me lord what you want
Yes, yes Lord yes Lord, yes Lord
It's my prayer
Take me Lord
And break me Lord
Make me over again Lord
Break me Jesus
And make me what
What you want me to be
I said take me Lord
And break me Lord
Make me over again
Hold me Lord
And mold me Lord
It's my prayer
It's my prayer
Singing this unto you Lord
We give, Lord, to you
Kea o amohela
Jaaka Morena le Mopholosi.
O jwetse sefapano
Ake Hlatshwe kefeke
O morena waka
It's a prayer
That he makes us
He molds us
He moves us
He shapes us

Joyous Celebration Prayer lyrics
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