Ice Prince Zamani - Thank You (Ft. Choc Boiz) Ft. M.I Abaga, Jesse Ja Lyrics

Thank You (Ft. Choc Boiz)

Ice Prince Zamani

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Ice Prince Zamani Thank You (Ft. Choc Boiz) Ft. M.I Abaga, Jesse Jagz, Brymo lyrics

Ice Prince was born Panshak Zamani in the city of Minna , NigerState , Nigeria . Early in life, aged two, he moved with his family tothe mining city of Jos , Plateau State , Nigeria . In Jos he receiv...

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Ice Prince Zamani Thank You (Ft. Choc Boiz) Lyrics

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[Ice Prince Zamani Ft. M.I Abaga, Jesse Jagz, Brymo - Thank You (Ft. Choc Boiz) lyrics]
I’m feeling fine my men

[Hook - Brymo]
Omo o sumptious
Flow yi o sumptious
Awon fine boys looking for fine girls

[Ice Prince]
At this point, nothing against jag beat
See these boys they be throwing up some classic
I’m choc boy my fans are fantastic
And I don’t F around homie I’m like a cactus
See me running the town, marathon
And the balls are big my nigga amazon
To big bro Anthony Ice carry on
And I’m cool, ice box omarion
Now they fly me around with my medallion
I’m so fresh my dress is so Italian
I’m might check in this beat
The night session dismiss
So give it up for Iceprince Zamanion
I push notes, keyboard nigga
I do jazz like I’m about to record nigga
I’m fly like a bird man C4 nigga
My team just boarded on a G4 nigga


[Jesse Jagz]
See I’m a simple guy
Some motherfuckers, call me the pimple guy
Shorty can’t feel their legs, cripple guys
Six six they born me, cellular sickle guy
They catch fire
Catch fire lyrics courtesy of
Them neva burn, them lack fire
Only thing them do is backfire
Me I burn with the soul of a black wire
The boys turn a red cable to a black wire
Hanging to the floor, activate the back tyre
Them aspire, we earn cash tire
Life’s a bitch, me nyash tire
Ice got too many shoes, we dash tire
Brymo hmmm, we are fast tire
M.I guys choc boys, mass choir


M.I and I never brag
And if I did
They will say
That my friends
And my fans
They will never lack
Me and money 5 & 6 like a centre back
What I do for my crew my crew gimme back
Meaning that me no fit ask around like a mini scot
So me no ever stress, no me relax
Plus nobody better in the universe
Me only go front, never do reserve
And we ball like the place where my penis at
Top stake in the past like a betamax
Before they had small sense now they condone like a jimmy hat
You should come to beg o, Trinidad
Cause M nasty like a baby tat
Choc boys we de fresh for this cd court
Make em girl kolo like a Timi dak
Timi dak kolo

Ice Prince Zamani Thank You (Ft. Choc Boiz) lyrics Ft. M.I Abaga, Jesse Jagz, Brymo
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