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Emtee Ngeke Ft. Fifi Cooper lyrics

[h]Growing Up[/h] Emtee (Mthembeni Ndevu) was born in Matatiele, South Africa. He grew up in Rockville, Soweto, a major township in the Gauteng Province. In an interview on South African channel ANN7...

About Ngeke

This song is massive and it simply means if you don't tell me your needs nothing will go well with you. Again don't do imitate me.

Emtee Ngeke Lyrics

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[Emtee Ft. Fifi Cooper - Ngeke lyrics]
[Chorus - Emtee]
I strictly came here for damage
Y'all already know (You already know!)
Most of these lames is acting (Woo!)
Got nothing to show (Ain't nothing to show!)
Don't stress me my n1gga (No!)
All them things you do
Don't impress me my n1gga (oh no!)
[Hook] 3x
Angeke nilunge bafana bam
Tshela mina ukuth' ukhalangan

[Verse 1 - Emtee]
Kwangena istingo ngempela (washa)
Bathi umntwana to hela
All I know is benghlupheka
Flow game wothukela
Ngiphetha my package
They never average
And you, I know you bragging
You just a has-been
Phela mina
Ngimnandi ngeskill
Manje siyaphila ungaphaphe kaslam uzoztholu sufile
Kuzonke ready to kill
Tell me how you feel
Keeping it real
I wont forget all the people that hated and put me down
I guess it’s true when they say what goes around comes around
So came up from nothing, some n1ggas was fronting
Survived all the bullsh1t, I really be hustling.
I do no coughing, I'm about the bopping
You can't tell me nothing, I still get to busting
Trust me, In no time I be winning
I got the ambition. (?)
One time for the people that listen.
Hopped in the studio, that is my kitchen.
Ngeke nenze nex bafana bami sazogcwala ngam ang'si takalan'
I do it big!
Shout out my mama, look what you did!

[Repeat Chorus & Hook]

[Verse 2: Fifi Cooper]
So you know the real deal
It's such a big deal
Gozama go spana when they all act like they don't feel you
They don't need you, and they don't want you
They hating all because they all wish they gotta be you
Ba batla go zama go rapper go thwana le enna ga kwala and for sure ba thloka le tsona di thlakala tsona
de thaka tsa bona sebaka, ya bamele ba tsaba selara babatla u rapper (?)
But now I wont forget all the people that hated and put me down
I guess its true when they say what goes around comes around
Ngeke ulunge mfana no matter the time or the weather
Whatever you do just know that Fifi Cooper can do it better

[Repeat Chorus]

Emtee Ngeke lyrics Ft. Fifi Cooper
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