DJ Switch - Now Or Never (The Callout) Ft. Reason Lyrics

Now Or Never (The Callout)

DJ Switch

Feat: Reason
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DJ Switch Now Or Never (The Callout) Ft. Reason lyrics

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DJ Switch Now Or Never (The Callout) Lyrics

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[DJ Switch Ft. Reason - Now Or Never (The Callout) lyrics]
[Intro: Dj Switch]
It’s the Switch up, baby
That's right
This is no remix
This is no re-Up
This is the call out
Time to have fun with this HipHop Thing

It’s now or never, ne-never!
It’s time to change the game, game.

[Verse 1: Pro]
Dankie san!
Awu phambile mshito
Siya’ ikhanda iboweni kubo Tito
Ay! Besicela ningas’ bangel’ umsindo
Nis’ bangis’ impilo
Ngapha si puff’a lama Hub
Sithambisa lo mphimbo
Manje linghambela phambili lingshadile icilongo
Ngiyi guard'ile iHipHop
iNumber kimi isiko
Busy hunting for pussy
iKati lilele ziko
Ngiceda iparty ngeslilo
Gaurd’kuthi uniga ophi
Woban’ loyo mcqondo
Ngoba namanje itho
AboKapadia bakhona awuthi yam

[Verse 2: YoungSta]
Nothing happened to rap something happened to rappers (YoungCPT)
Witness a lyricist
Lyrical physicist
Like an Egyptian who’s building the pyramids
Check the perimeters we’re not similar
The bars make me feel like a prisoner
I am the villainous minister
When I deliver the sinister lyrics you shiver
You’re a gangster but only on twitter
Acting like kinnas who gossip and skinna
Cape Crusader not Helen Zille
I only say Allah and whose in the mirror
My rapping is rapid and raging like rivers
I apetown Aapie caging gorillas
Pushing the limit
The mind the body and spirit
Really you aren’t committed
Your rapping is kak!
Smelling like villis
I have to admit it
I'm not even jealous
Keep all the glitz and the glamour
Slat you binne in your moer with a hammer
I feel like I'm Hulk and bruising the banners
I’m breaking the stage
I’m killing the birds
They tell me behave
But it seems they need a constant reminder
Rap’s revived, alive and resides in the Kaapstaad, naaiers!

[Verse 3: Reason]
I guess it’s time for the switch up
Ngiceda uk’shaya amasit ups
NgiGym’ile ke zinja
Khokhan’ umoya nje ngama hiccups
Represent’a amajita from Katlehong to Thembisa
Niyabona ngiyaphakamisa for nina nabo my sister
Heita! to all the haters and the papers
Great stuff I’m a G to all the vapours
I encourage you to proceed with all the fake junk
While I snapchat with tens only and stack papers
I’m way up
And just focusing on uk’phumelela
Sheba fela ke chipa fela like I’m Lekoelea
More like Jabu Pule, Ngwana wa tshwenya when I play her
But God is always in my favour nigga Halleluya

Man what happened to Rap?
Man what happened to Rap?
Say, say
What happened to Rap?
Hiphop used to drop bars but now we all dab

[Verse 4: GingerTrill]
I do this for the culture
You’re about to get mad work
I’m a mixture of Eminem
A pinch of loaded lux and half Verb
I’m back (Word?)
Just take my verse for it
It’s evil to live backwards
Just take my word forward
I’m the rap nerd
And judging of your last verse
Dog you couldn’t spar with the God
If You kicked your raps backwards
Students of the game
I’ve seen how quickly they switch up when the tables turn
They hoping the star pupil slip up, (it’s s setup)
Over your head over the edge
Over and over again
Every line is barber precise
Ay, pardon my nice
I put my city on the atlas
I been selling dummies
First demo was a blank disk

Man what happened to Rap?
Man what happened to Rap?

[Verse 5: Siya Shezi]
Ngath ngathuka wonk’ umuntu kau like I'm Dj Euphonik
Nalo Dj Switch igame chux nge speed sika Sonic
BomRapper bazofa e Living Room, isn’t that Ironic?
Ng'nokuz’bona seng'ndiza nge broom after isthila se Chronic
I’m tryna change the game like I’m Morgan van Starden
Angithi balahlekile abaningi fanel' basilandele
Le track ipheth’ izinja k’phela ngathi i industry cypher
Word is born, ah! Awaspanang’ amamorning after
Shintsh imood like laughter
Underdog bayang’ nyatsa
Qal' izinto okwe lamza
K’zo phel’ ipan mang’a dlwadla

It’s now or never, ne-never!
It’s time to change the game, game.

Man what happened to Rap?
Man what happened to Rap?

[Verse 6: Kid Tini]
When I hit a sixteen, man it’s hot. That’s mandatory
You hit a sixteen and it’s not, it’s statutory
You hate me for my truth your girl love me for my honesty
Reverse psychology pimpin’ widdit
Child of a dying breed
Supplying prophecies non believers owe me apologies
I said a pile of G’s
Imma need ‘em commas, man, honestly
Bitch! Fuck out my way
I leave a trail of corpses so you find me
That mean your favourites get behind me
I dare you, try me
Go and ask them. Look.
I share my intellectual capacity with those who dare to rap with me
Factually I take so many shots you think I’m packing heat
When actually, I don’t need a gun
I’m a masterpiece

[Verse 7: Priddy Ugly]
Nothing happened to rap
You’re lacking the facts
Rap has had to adapt to the ratchet and trap
It’s a hazard in-fact
If rappers are lacking in tact they have to retract
Perhaps where them amateurs at
Now add and subtract
I’m packed with a savage attack
I’m not talking 'bout beating pussy when I damage a cat
If I ask it’s a fact
I dab and have her clapping her ass
Standing ovation
What happened I just happen to trap
Assassin of rap
Attack if your rappin is whack
Foetsek and relax
Don’t tell me I should rap in vernac
You see the bars are ever present
I’m wrapping the raps
Seven seas of toxic flows and I’m the captain of that

[Verse 7: Zakwe]
Yho I’m a born don
Sukungi hlokoloza with all this boredom
You born dom
Buwekuphi sikokota, till we gone gold
Before called
Amakoporoshi, but you, we fought strong
I log on, i-“goal” ukushaya i-“net” and get the law gone
Ngisonoro, samsokolo, bars dololo
Bho bho bho, ngibhodloza isikgogo, fokof umgopholo
We no more hog, kwi nkondlo, of cos
Ngoba u-cash-u-less
Tracks are not on track, most cast are now trapped on trap
But akuna niks, nami kumele sitheshe
Rap tricks under my sleeve, noma ngigibsele i-vest
Now bring it back, to real rap before nidab nibheda
Now or Never, click click bang,
Uynyaka owama kleva

It’s now or never, ne-never!
It’s time to change the game, game.

Man what happened to Rap?
Man what happened to Rap?

[Verse 9: Shane Eagle]
Murder, rappers. I’m guilty.
This case is closed
How’s this a come-up if I just opened for J.Cole?
I’m ahead of the game so they hopin I never blow
But it’s been a long time coming my nigga, ya’ll aint even know
They sell you bullshit music and they’re happy when it goes plaques
You whack mathafakas are the reason Im starting to hate rap
I’m making waves
So I see that they’re getting sea sick
So Switch called me back to come and kill ‘em on the remix
Slow and steady wins the race don’t tell me about whose first
You've got a couple of award but you can t touch me on a verse
Yes, you and you and you
I’m callin em out
You never say anything with value but you got gold in ya mouth.

[Verse 10: BigStar]
Yo! Yo! Yo!
I’m just glad somebody’s asking why nobody’s rapping
Some of these cats den came in so much trash I thought I was Punk'd
Lookin for Ashton
It’s BigStar the verbal Assassin
I came in with nothing but passion
Lyrical Asprin
Phamaceutical cure to the trappin
Still askin
What happened to simile’s, punchlines, metaphors
Food for thought thats edible
Cut off your umbilical
Who would’ve thought the nigga though
Still be schoolin these niggers is principal
I cannot mess with the typical
Come from the East then you know that you gotta come nice
All of us is clinical
Jump on the bars with the general
Take you to Mars with my silly flow
Bars on the charts is what you really know
I spit mean
My punchlines spilt spleens
My sixteens leave the world cut up like split screens

[Verse 11: Blaklez]
I’m in a mood to eliminate the fake dudes
Theres a lot of false prophets in the world so watch who you pray to
One look at you I can tell that your mother’s unfaithful to your father
So it means it’s not your real father that raised you
Your real friends escaped you
Now you’re hanging with the day two’s
You’re buying real gold but when you rap you’re dropping fake jewels
You know I kept the cool when the media tried to pressure me
They’re sleeping on me thinkin’ they can keep me from my destiny
Like Leleti Khumalo ntwana I remember yesterday
This line might fly over some heads cause they were born yesterday
Okay killer I’m nice.
Name an emcee that’s way realler
Im real dope, you’re just an addiction to painkillers

It’s now or never, ne-never!
It’s time to change the game, game.

[Verse 12: Proverb]
It’s a little bit like the Oscar trial
Cause lots have tried
To figure out how hiphop has died
And lost it’s vibe
And got ostracized
I’m Gerrie Nel you’re Barry Roux
We’re standing on opposite sides
You know very well I carry the truth
A lot of you rappers are compromised
Your songs are lies
We need some stronger guys
To put it back on the rise
Because of you hiphop’s dead
So you need to be gone for life
Heres evidence that the veterans are much better than all this gentlemen
You couldn't even catchphrase
So this tracks made to sentence them
To life behind bars
You need some life behind your bars cause your full of it
Get electric chair
Dj pull the Switch

It’s now or never, ne-never!
It’s time to change the game, game.

Man what happened to Rap?
Man what happened to Rap?
DJ Switch Now Or Never (The Callout) lyrics Ft. Reason
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