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No Drama

Kid Tini

Album: Coming of Age
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Kid Tini No Drama lyrics

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Kid Tini No Drama Lyrics

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[Kid Tini - No Drama lyrics]
[Verse 1]
I tried remaining silent, let the heart speak
Bust this in my heartbeat
And I ain't never been one to start beef
But you can get it if you're arm's reach
If a nigga work, they be barking up the wrong tree
No say, we ain't gon stop, no breaks
I'm tryna cop gold chains, no fakes
So gassed but I'm liquid with the raps, propane flow
Cocaine dough, so grateful
Now I want it like i never had shit
I'm on that Ain't This Why You Really Mad tip
Nigga, I was ducking math just to practice rap scripts
I was busy schooling niggas I was skipping class with
Now a nigga had to grow older
Now I tell 'em pass the juice on my cup holder
Tell my boys I got the mix, they should cop soda
I was drownin' in my thoughts tryna stay afloat bruh
Remember I would talk the night away
Tell the homey I would meet him by the spot
Woke up in the morning feeling like night and day
Coming at me then believe you getting got
You don't want these problems (Ezamadoda)
And I don't want no drama (Dlala nje ngendoda)
You don't want these problems (Ezamadoda)
And I don't want no drama (Dlala nje ngendoda)
[Verse 2]
Might've got a little lost in my ways
Now every verse is a lesson, I'm correcting mistakes
And I just heard the homey slanging and just stood there amazed
This ain't rhymes on a page, this is coming of age
Fast forward years later
I'm number on your fav's radar
Same dude with flow colder than Mayweather
Bob, weave jab, even the hook is a hay-maker
Now we got 'em shook boy [?]
It's time I got the fuck up off the bench man
Feel like I got nothing to lose
I just need to leave 'em up on the last quarter
I could give a fuck about the trash talking
Sittin' on rap's formal belt holder and that was my last warm up
And I ain't lit up yet, try and take a guess
Tell me how the boy spit crack and I ain't break a sweat
Instead, I got your role model tripping off my blueprint
Grown man boots [?] only 'cause the shoe fits
[Verse 3]
And I just want a crib in the burbs
And get paid for what I say
You know, live by the word
And I can tell you 'bout the cash that I done kicked to the curb
Or hitting a girl, that can't be all you spit on a verse
I gotta, I gotta think about what I give to the world
It's been a minute since mom told me she's proud of me
This shit is more than just sticking out in the crowd for me
Do it for this who down with me
Prove it to those who doubted me
Just a reminder what I do it for
Is it to make a name or to scoop awards
This ain't no make believe
I do this, fuck what they believe
What they perceive is real just goes to show how real the fake seem
Shit's hilarious, I gave a head start
But only time they keeping up is when they keep appearances
I'm sleep though, whoever got the crown I'm finna repo
The game gon let me in, I'm tired of looking through the peep hole

Kid Tini No Drama lyrics
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