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BET Cypher (SA Hip-hop Awards 2018)


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BET BET Cypher (SA Hip-hop Awards 2018) Ft. Nasty C, A-Reece, Shane Eagle lyrics

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BET BET Cypher (SA Hip-hop Awards 2018) Lyrics

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[BET Ft. Nasty C, A-Reece, Shane Eagle - BET Cypher (SA Hip-hop Awards 2018) lyrics]
Yo, Yo
2018, BET
Reece, Nasty
Happy Birthday Weezy
New wave, New wave

[Verse 1: Shane Eagle]
Ayow it's Eagle Muhfucker
Easy with the hating
Came into the game you see how we elevating
Knew my day would come
i just had to be patient
I just had to be the greatest
Never sold my soul to satan
Put the blunt down
Pick the pen up
Put them K's down
Bring them M's up
Kids running to me cause i got the answers
Bitches running to me cause they know I'm handsome
If they don't kill me
I'll rule the world or something
Rob the world bank
Split it with my girl or something
I think it's Weezy
Then it's Eagle
Then it's Earl or something
Other niggas can't hang like they girls or something
Fuck all these niggas i know they can't handle me
Know I'm too much
Know it's the sanity
Do not abide by laws of gravity
Talk to the guys
Know they understanding
I'm seeing them numbers
I'm seeing them codes
Feeling the soul
Feeling them bones
Think I'm lonely
Think i need a fucking place to call home
They aint whack then borderline
Sober and Immortalized
They can trap my body
But you know they can't control the mind
Yeah I know these niggas cannot fuck with me
I'm 173 but these niggas look up to me
I'm gone

[Verse : 2 Nasty C]
IVY yeah
I gave you a life
now you acting boujie on me
You were never fresh
You were dry and you were lonely
I put you on my back
when your life was moving slowly
I made you say goodbye to polony
I came
You came
Friends came
Right, right
I came,
You Came,
Sexing every night,night
Life changed,
you changed all because you like things
You the reason i can't trust a girl more than the process
God yes,
Fuck right,
I'm god blessed (yeah)
I must be a replica of progress
Every evening i jump outta bed and say i got this
Work my ass off
And hit the sack around five ish
Nightmares, nightmares
Don't touch the light switch
Don't you, judge me
I know it's childish but my second home
I almost died there gastritis
Third house i could've died there, almost got shot there
This house i almost committed suicide in
So I do anything that make me feel alive ish
Like i get a piece of ass that's a piece of cake
Grabbing that in one hand
While the other holds a mic
I know someone set me up just like a app
What is that?
Niggas ran up in my house without a mask
Dressed in black
That's when it get real
You wouldn't ask shit, in your past
All i heard was click-clack
Laid flat, know we at...
But I walked out alive
God's eye watching over me
I went to hell they sent me back saying overheat
I'm telling you the devil can't get over me
Ivyson religion putting bars down on my Rosaries
Real life OMG
"Daddy where you going?"
"Out shopping for some hoeveries"
Rappers is my sons and you know my sons gotta eat
Rappers is my daughters they got ovaries
Gucci in my pocket
Loui in the closet
Coochie in the closet
Cause you be in the closet
I be with your posse
Acting outta pocket
Tall racks diet
Just back was in brokley

[Verse: 3 A-Reece]
Yeah, okay
Yeah look
Everyone a dope rapper till I rap after
Bigger mansion every year
Because I own masters
I got all my niggas in there and they screaming fuck at them
You got big because of favours
now you owe rappers
You aint even as big as my photographer
You tweet threads
I post pics with no captions
One of the few to use music to get traction
I don't need a PR team to get this ish happening
Getting money every week
I don't do sabbath
I'm a loose cannon
A-Reece or A-Reaper
Back with two caskets
Flows make boats float no life jacket
Earlobes froze call these ice packets
You can get a close look
It's like the ice cracking
Get hate but the hate get no reaction
On top of that right now Hip Hop is Kwaito put in closed brackets
(Yoh! yoh!)
How did that happen?
BET BET Cypher (SA Hip-hop Awards 2018) lyrics Ft. Nasty C, A-Reece, Shane Eagle
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