A-Reece - You Welcome (Outro)  Lyrics

You Welcome (Outro)


Album: Paradise
Prod: Flame
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A-Reece You Welcome (Outro) lyrics

[h]Growing Up[/h] Song Writer Ronald Lehlogonolo Mataboge, aka A-Reece was born and bred in Pretoria on 27 March 1997. Raised by the streets of Pretoria, the hip-hop talent has always believed that h...

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A-Reece You Welcome (Outro) Lyrics

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[A-Reece - You Welcome (Outro) lyrics]
Got a lot of people in my life I don't need
For the weekend

An OG plus and fuck em all get their money
Fourth quarter I'm off street corners the budget pay for all costs
Cash no car, nobody is starving
When I bought a fam bar with me, point God
Wrestle West Brooke, Steph Curry, Chris Paul
I got your idol shook
Got em struggling to make a song
First I gave you Couldn't
I was mixing trap with the bars when they said I wouldn't do it cause I didn't before
Then I gave you Mgani
Cause I felt like you needed more to understand the transition from rapper into an artist
Nigga play your part
Used to beg em to put me on here's my favourite part
I don't even need them at all
Now my momma bigger than me in the hood I swear
Fast free, we all good out here
Like Big Sean, 2 Chainz just to make my motherfucking point clear
Like Big Star Johnson quoted, 'Nigga this my year'
Got these, Twitter monsters comparing me to my fans, my offspring
Niggas that look up to me like I'm dead
I got these, Insta models confessing because I'm bumping I'm shining I then persona fide a chandelier
I got these, journalists writing columns about the boy
I'm the topic now got em gossiping about the boy
Been a young king now address me as young God
Like a ground surface it's impossible for me to fall
Now I, don't do the subliminal dont go forward if I fuck with you I fuck with you
Till I'm gone and I know niggas who get physical
Like a job that don't do much except fuck up niggas that fuck with us
I, stack up the paper let the fam get the shit
I do the shit for them I hope you're aware
Put yourself in my shoes I could give you a pair
The struggle will make you humble like a muscler man
The troubles of what is life will make you wise up in them
The hustle gon' be the muscle nigga I hope you grasping
Look, don't let this fame get your ass out of line
You human don't treat these people like they're not of your kind
It's like, man, I hope you doing well
They ain't never see me coming they just couldn't tell
See this other only thing I would sell
And now my phone memo phone saved by the bell
You saved be the bell.
A-Reece You Welcome (Outro) lyrics
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