A-Q - G Boys (Feeling Like) Ft. M.I Abaga, BBJN Lyrics

G Boys (Feeling Like)


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A-Q G Boys (Feeling Like) Ft. M.I Abaga, BBJN lyrics


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A-Q G Boys (Feeling Like) Lyrics

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[A-Q Ft. M.I Abaga, BBJN - G Boys (Feeling Like) lyrics]
[Chorus – BBJN]
I got girls in Abuja
And i got goons in Kaduna
All of my G boys day wire
White G wagon, Black tyre
I’m feeling like M.I Abaga
I’m feeling like M.I Abaga
All my G boys still dey wire
White G wagon…
I got girls in Abuja
And i got goons in Kaduna
All of my G boys day wire
White G wagon, Black tyre
I’m feeling like M.I Abaga
I’m feeling like M.I Abaga
All of my G boys dey wire
White G wagon black tyre

[Verse 1 – A-Q]
Oh no oh no, i’m back with the flow
Whose the best, elbow to his nose
Dab on his face,
I do what i do in immaculate ways
Its hard to relate
So who wanna try right now
I pull up to the place with the base like
Blah blah blah
Who wanna die right now,
I’m feeling really high right now,
You got to pipe down
Put a pipe in her wind pipe
She give me deep throat to till i hit her diaphragm (right)
The flow paint pictures, lyrics on point they could label a diagram (right )
Living in a time where they do anything for snap chat views
Stand back I’m about to snap like jude
Cos i’m not about the instagram life
They want me to fall like the oil prices
Ignore the crises, I’m still the nicest

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2 – A-Q]
They talked about me before the album talk about it
I might too (M.I 2) be the chairman but my word play is out of balance
I’m just living a lifestyle like my life is out of place
And if i choose to rhyme about it, bet my rhymes be out of space
Look at my face, can’t you citizens see i’m running out of milage
Looking at my taste, living in Ccity lasgidi won’t pardon my ways
Look at my waste i’m too big to sit on afro hip hop’s throne
I’m trying to build pyramids in my home, victoria falls beside of my gate
White G wagon black tyre, white G wagon back tyre
Black dragon spit fire
We don dey wire wire before Kanye did through the wire
Trying to go up but snakes in the way feels like we playing snake and ladder
Trying to be bigger than 2 Abagas so you cats don’t even matter,
You dont hold weight you dont occupy space so you cats dont even matter
I’m on fire better than whoever, play boy like Hugh Hefner Raaaar

[Rpeat Chorus]

[Verse 3 – M.I Abaga]
This sh1t should be an anthem
It should be on my answering
Machine when you ring up the mansion
B*tches should hear and then get to dancing
Like oh sh*t, this some dope sh1t
Call up whole click, M is the man and you know this
I pull outside of the club and the bouncer be screaming like chair man is here
I’m top 2 since 2008, whatever the year
More recently i’ve be feeling like A-Q (Son of john)
I got the power like NNPC to make you (queue)
Like M.I Abaga, I’m feeling like M.I
G WAG, Bently. Swag is always eccentric
Y’all in the club when its empty
When i’m in the club, y’all n1ggaz just envy
I’m feeling like M.I Abaga. you don’t feel it yet, you gonna feel it eventually.

[Repeat Chorus]

G, G, G, G wago
G, G, G boys spending Gs with their Gs
A-Q G Boys (Feeling Like) lyrics Ft. M.I Abaga, BBJN
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