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Sub City

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Stogie T Sub City lyrics

Boitumelo "Tumi" Molekane (Stogie T) is a South African rapper and poet. He is the lead vocalist of Tumi and the Volume, a hip hop music ensemble that comprises the members of the Mozambican band 340m...

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Stogie T Sub City Lyrics

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[Stogie T - Sub City lyrics]
Thug city, is my city.

[Verse 1]
Look, Mommy a freak with that sheltered view
And got intrigued by how a gangster move, bending rules
She bought the dream of a penthouse view
Ain't nothing sweet that she get turned into a mule
Headline news
Stuck for trafficking , send to Peru
Luck ran out on you, sentenced the dude time with animals
Still battling, scrubbling
Watching the rand drop to the value of a Curtis Jackson
Come through my avenue
Where slum lords pack a fam or 2 on the second floor in an average room
You better hope there's half a moon
Cause when the sun goes down it bring a pack of wolves out the blue
This where the cannons blew, with a taxi hue
With a white chick from slovakia gets trafficked too, Savage dudes
Hustling a couple of Jews
Climbing up the ladder , only to find a coupe of Jews

Thug city, grey sky
Black child fill sub city
Drug city, mug city , big gun city
Pull you out your V dub city
TB passed down through a hug city
Slug city, No love city, fuck city
Bad bitches with a bug city
Every ounce of Gold dug city
Yeast and alcohol sold by the jug city
That's my city

[Verse 2]
This the land of milk and no honey
Crisp that is
Politician still outchea
Prophets of the city selling Jesus all got rich
And we get old school verses for our offerings
Little sis got kid by her mama bigger brother
That's her uncle
Pay the bills so they keep it on a hush uh
Papa was a fuck up, deadbeat drunkard
Ain't cuff up a buck for supper or carry for lunch
Mama put her trust in em chinese numbers
God bless the stokvel , it barely covered
White man shove us in the gutter with the refu..
Nightmare still cut out from how they cut out my nephew
Broad day wounds, one bedroom apartments
Next to the like fives and robbing dudes
The revenue sucks, working out for student loan for 22 months
Same pair, blue chuck


Thug city
My city ey
Thug city look.
Stogie T Sub City lyrics
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