Stogie T - In Defence Of My Art Ft. Reason, Ziyon Lyrics

In Defence Of My Art

Stogie T

Feat: Reason, Ziyon
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Stogie T In Defence Of My Art Ft. Reason, Ziyon lyrics

Boitumelo "Tumi" Molekane (Stogie T) is a South African rapper and poet. He is the lead vocalist of Tumi and the Volume, a hip hop music ensemble that comprises the members of the Mozambican band 340m...

About In Defence Of My Art

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Stogie T In Defence Of My Art Lyrics

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[Stogie T Ft. Reason, Ziyon - In Defence Of My Art lyrics]
[Verse 1]
In defence of my art, I’d rather be Tony Allen than Quest Love
In defence of my art, my target is more Charles Dickens than <a href="">D’Banj</a>
In defence of my art, being broke ain’t an option unless you talking stocks
In defence of my art, running my own race, not checking on your marks
What’s up? In defense of my art, I am Nat Nakassa’s Harlem renaissance
In defence of my art, you don’t know what I’m talking about, just bounce

In defence of my art, In defense of my art
People always talk when you shine your light
All I know is stars never work to shine bright
All right
In defense of my art,In defence of my art
People hate and love what they can’t be
I’ll never lose sleep just ’cause they ain’t me

[Verse 2]
Fresh out the gate, I was writing for a living
Bill wasn’t laid, got my jobs from the lyrics
And I spit it like I had an apple stuck in my Adam’s apple
Even ?? has’em jumping out windows
Had’em tripping over us for the vision
No Charles but I tried to fly pass city limits
Silly critics say I’m AC DC
But they ain’t seeing me I’m ANC and Run DMC
We still ?? too, been like world leases,
Bin Laden been plan blow up the world team
Back when Hansie was shaving off run’s team
was making crowds uncomfy with the smart shit
You can hear crickets from how they didn’t feel it
No matter how you spill, I had mad sixes
Kill a pimp from the fucks I wasn’t giving
I tell’em you should listen, shut up and bounce with it


[Verse 3]
Fresh out the gate, I was live from the Bassline
They didn't take it to it, classics take time
I found my lane out in Scandinavia
Now we stay in white hoods like hate crime
Fuck being famous, I want paper but more greatness
I’m here tryna make god not maker
They say it’s weird I don’t sound like Mavis
But I’m not Cambridge neither a painted zebra, a coconut, I’m Joseph Sambi one
Who wanna claim Jesus? I make genius
Photos of me with the Polo on, clean cut
GQ with an IQ I think yep
I give you life through high coos that mean much
Go seek mine on iTunes no free lunch
Tell’em if they ask you why, shut up your lips, bounce

[Bridge: Reason]
Don’t even try get it, if it’s way over your head then it’s fine just forget it and just bounce
From the ground to the ceiling, in fact throw em up if you aroused by the feeling (just bounce)
We ain’t even gon beef, if you ain’t about that life, but I hope you don’t sleep (it’s that bounce)
Til the drum roll ripping, 808s banging like oh madabeeshes

Stogie T In Defence Of My Art lyrics Ft. Reason, Ziyon
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