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Stop The Violence

Stogie T

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Stogie T Stop The Violence lyrics

Boitumelo "Tumi" Molekane (Stogie T) is a South African rapper and poet. He is the lead vocalist of Tumi and the Volume, a hip hop music ensemble that comprises the members of the Mozambican band 340m...

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Stogie T Stop The Violence Lyrics

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[Stogie T - Stop The Violence lyrics]
Shots fired
Far cry from the honeymoon
Live wire
What you done you can't undo
That's desire
Gave me her heart but I put it through
Pain is enough that I shouldn't do
Maybe her love is not bulletproof but she said

Stop the violence
Your fast life is killing me slow
Gun for hire, liar, malicious cutthroat
Bias I am, lying I'm bleeding my soul
Crying, I grieve on my own
Hey hey hey

And still these motherfuckers write about me
The females and emails they finally out me
Private messages are evidence I was adulterous
But I didn't kill nobody baby I was just...
She stopped me right there, put brakes on them tires
Said I didn't fight fair, I made her a Mayan
Believing in the stars when I was just lying
You killing me enough, stop the violence

The genocidal maniacs arrive
Stop the violence
Machetes, pangas aiming at your crown
Stop the violence
Gave your hand and lost an arm
From the treachery, everyday
Just one more day (x2)

Yeah I'm smooth in the club Missus
You should see me work a room full of bad bitches
Play unapproachable like I'm not sociable
Then before you know I move in, shark business
I'm particularly killer if that broad's timid
She play that girl next door shit, off limits
Church going, pall bearing, no swearing monastery
But get that good dick, she certified authentic
It's all living, it's die and it's all written
It's all Qur'an and Bible, it's war business
You call it final then walk in optimistic
I'm caught deciding if rifles are more malignant
Then a jaded husband
Then a fading father
I played my part in
Making it harder
I'm a shell, I'm a bomb, you are Gaza
I'm the nail in the coffin
Dearly departed

Stogie T Stop The Violence lyrics
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