Stogie T - Usain Bolt Ft. Zubz Lyrics

Usain Bolt

Stogie T

Feat: Zubz
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Stogie T Usain Bolt Ft. Zubz lyrics

Boitumelo "Tumi" Molekane (Stogie T) is a South African rapper and poet. He is the lead vocalist of Tumi and the Volume, a hip hop music ensemble that comprises the members of the Mozambican band 340m...

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Stogie T Usain Bolt Lyrics

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[Stogie T Ft. Zubz - Usain Bolt lyrics]
This could be hardest shit i ever wrote
This could be realest shit i ever spoke
This could be hardest shit i ever wrote

I am running, no stopping, can't hold me back now
I came to shut it down, no matter what i do
I'm victorious,victorious
I'm running, no stopping, can't hold me back now
I came to shut it down, no matter what i do
I'll be victorious,victorious

[Verse 1: Tumi]
Newsflash Usain Bolt just quit running
Look back like you can't front the kid stunning
Said It was the crowd yelling 'pump the steroids'
Gave him feelings of Air-Jordan, he could break
Records wearing denim, slow down at the finish
Give them shit to remember, or picture a centerfold
The image of caring gold the winner. that episodes
Ended, Now its an old legend, Stripped of his gold medals
They awarding the slow turtles, I want this score settled
So i must speak open lettered it, address to all Journalist
All audiences, the rappers and broke urban kids caught on the fences
Do we support the Pro's or Ball with the Da Les's
Ordinarily i'm more concerned with ethics
Your believes, your agenda, not really who the freshest
But f-it ima Liposuc this shit off my chest hairs
Tummy-tuck, can't stomach you fucks, and that's urgent
First and foremost, its hard to speak Local
When you global and You always rolling
In a league of your own, Ozone ,outta here
Atomsphere is unknown, we are not peers
I am in a different time-zone. I'm bright when
Its dark for you, my night is your afternoon
Some shit you things like i might not salute,its nothing but love
For you, i say it with absolute, respect, the rules say you gotta check your crew
Mostwako the new shit, a movement, but not quite somehow egos seem to ruin it
Who is the king of it? Tuks is, Zues is, Khuli is, all the the while Jabba's
Profile became stupid, Skwatta went solo, Flaba made porno, Slikour went Patrice
With that Ventalation Logo, he's more business than flow, so, i'm feeling like a show off
Too fast for the races when i go off its so raw, but it gets to me that my cousin's don't check for me
I take personally that they be on the Dj Sbu vibe, So work with Brikcz like group 5
Don't call it new House homie, we built a new start


[Verse 2: Zubz]
Newsflash Usain Bolt just quit running
How can one man pushing his dream
Uplift hundreds,i train just the same as him
Learned the rules so i can play out the game like him
Stadium, on your marks, get set, when i spark the wet
Look how dark it get, when your heart gets Vexed
I'm Zimbabwean yes and I feel it in my bones
Lived in Jo'Burg yup but i don't really feel at home
Because its horror when your brother is getting smothered in paraffin
Just because he is from the wrong part of these waters and
All of them are cool with me, i rapped here ten years
But are bothered when i screw with them with tracks that offend ears
Ban me this year, throw rocks at my art
But i'm standing next year, shit top of the charts
An Innovator, i make my own rules, Tumi
They stay confused, i don't play by their rules, they booty
Ass cheeks.never question my profession
Zubz the last let, at its best in a recession
Barley moved by what on the daily news
Becuase these God given eyes see clearly through your air pollution
So when i am spotting them, i'm endorsing them
I don't win awards, i'm awarded wins
Got so much more to bring and i ain't even started
I traded in the rapper so i can be the artist.
Stogie T Usain Bolt lyrics Ft. Zubz
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