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Agege (Ft. Vector)


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Splash Agege (Ft. Vector) Ft. Vector lyrics

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Splash Agege (Ft. Vector) Lyrics

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[Splash Ft. Vector - Agege (Ft. Vector) lyrics]
Eh we be hustling from agege
Some don leave Rap enter reggae
We been hustling from agege
Agege Agege
Splash baby Agege

[Verse 1 – Splash]
I ain’t Cassidy hommie but am a hustler
Tell me what your best Rapper did ama double that
Like a stripper am steady on my grind
If you can’t see the future ahead of me
Then you must be blind
Like a music band headed in one direction
But my life took a U-turn pay attention
Now I see them dogs snooping all round like kelvin
If you can’t make money
How you going to make heaven huh

We been hustling from agege
Some don leave Rap enter reggae
We been hustling from agege
Agege Agege Agege

[Verse 2 – Splash]
Yeah am the dealio, eric many
I bless God that I made it young darly
I dey kill every jam like sanitizer
I got more stuff cooking this one na just appetizer
I don upgrade then dey phase one like tantalizer
They said for me to grow omo I needed fetilizer
When Vincent enter Ameachi know
Say the young shall grow
Bomb dey my head why I no go blow
Say you carry afro no mean say you dey ball
I can’t dance to your tune cause am hip hop
Flow so sick but keep your well wishes
Awe em time for them, am all about the leeches

We been hustling from agege
Some don leave Rap enter raggae
We been hustling from agege
Agege Agege Agege

[Verse 3 – Vector]
Ah lafiaji were we dey hustle hustle
Na we don dey bill check the muscle muscle
My music no get curfew curfew curfew curfew
Oma pen’tagon make the shorty bend her bum like
What the hell a fellow gat to do now
GRAP is the crew now
HOT we no dey cool down
Jesu no be juju now
Somebody talk say I too smile
But back then they say I too frown
But I know say bad belle go be bad belle
So I laugh like LOL you clown
Lafiya on the radar ah Lagos island the craze yapa
No be say them no wan stop the craze but
The doctors rejected the case in yawa
Under the shirt we place the dagger
Lion junction close to jaga
Cause we know we like wahala
Lafiya G we don de para para para
You tell me some people been talking
I sure say I never dey hear them
Them lucky say I never try to Tear them
Maybe because I no dey try to pair them

If you didn’t know maybe
I should let you know now
Lafiya G we don dey para para para
Splash baby
Splash Agege (Ft. Vector) lyrics Ft. Vector
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