Saudi - There She Go Ft. A-Reece Lyrics

There She Go


Feat: A-Reece
Prod: Lunatik
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Saudi There She Go Ft. A-Reece lyrics

Born and bred in Soweto's township, Senaone, Saudi whose birth name is Anele Mbisha is a hip hop / RnB Linchpin. His interest in music originates from growing up in a family that loved music and had a...

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Saudi There She Go Lyrics

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[Saudi Ft. A-Reece - There She Go lyrics]
I think I love her
I just can't trust her
(Angeke ngim'thembe)
One time she's with me
and then she with my partners
she said she like Ganja
she feeling the Rasta
(uz'shaye nge rasta)
She roll up my trees
but i just can't find Her
aye, in the VIP she turn
yeah she love to let it burn
now you see her now you don't
There she go,
If you see her let me know
If you hit it it's your turn
now you see her now you don't
There she go,
There she go, There she go,
There she go
There she go, There She go
There she go
If You see her let me know
If you hit it it's your turn
Now you see her now you don't
There she go

[Verse 1: Saudi]
Uthanda the way that I finess her
ngzom'juta I dont need to Impress her,
I'ma Undress her
then I'ma Punish Her
she wanna Kick it , Lui kang
I'ma finish her
the way that she move is a Problem
I shandaPaah i had no options
uth' ufuna ukung Fasel' iJoint
so i gave her a blank
and then we got lifted
Next thing I know she's in the VIP
Twerking on the Dance floor
She causing Commotion
she's at the bar
bending over on purpose
One of a kind she deserve an Emoji
Ipakistaan bamjwaye' eLokshin
is it your Body or is it the Potion
I think ngyamthanda
Might make her my only
For one night only
come to the Pozi
there she go smoking my Dagga
with Lames i don't fuck with
Ipakistaan es'vul i Spaza,
at 3 in the morning
maw'ngambona Let me know
I need my Ganja From her
Owethu sonke, thats one thing about her,


[Verse 2: A-Reece]
Queen of the weekend
she wherever, there with us
I mean, she outta your league
but she only 18
in the VIP creeping
O'My God, girl where your mama at?
you might need to call her back
I mean,
you dont want her finding out
that you with me and your team
and you skipping class
Oh my God, she dont know Algebra
she know Ciroc, aseng le ha nyane
and she let me fvck haa ke nyaka
then bring her friends over
to join us, lomtwana uyahlanya
I felt like a dog how she gave me a Boner,
she call me Papi like i was her Donor
uww but I cannot control her
she's giving needs to everybody
Like her name is Oprah
Passed it to Saudi
Gave it to Citi
then Passed it to Lunatik
and back to me
You was my partner
back in the city, Pitori
she heard that i was in the streets
You wasting your Time,
If you only learn,
cause you aint the only man
she aint no Angel or none of that
nah, I forbid you to call her that
it's another thing...

Saudi There She Go lyrics Ft. A-Reece
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