Prince Sani Gee - The Beast (Freestyle)  Lyrics

The Beast (Freestyle)

Prince Sani Gee

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Prince Sani Gee The Beast (Freestyle) lyrics

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Prince Sani Gee (born Ibrahim Inusah Sani) is a Rapper/Executive Producer from Ghana. Born on June 16, 1992, Height 1.88 m, Eye color “Dark brown”, Zodiac sign “Gemini” Prince was born in Tema but gre...

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Prince Sani Gee The Beast (Freestyle) Lyrics

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[Prince Sani Gee - The Beast (Freestyle) lyrics]
Yeah, Gee Gh

(Verse) 1
i told you am the beast
i Swear to God Yeah Am the beast
Got my girlfriend. beauty and the beast,
im from the east. Now am going? Yeah now we rollin
bad bitch wanna keep this shit blowing blowing blowing.
Niggas start hating. they sell out but we aint buying.
Millitant i swear they start crying, Flying break it like a news.
Niggas wanna fuck with me cause i pay my dues.
I dont freestyle. i style free
Bad bitch wanna fuck, Issah Gee
I will rap till i D I E
Am a ghost son, Imma make you blind
states empires we the vimpers, tears
we drink your blood with no fears

This a freestylin Ah, Say this a freestyling
Prince Gee Gh, this a freestyling
Am the best, im the beast niqqa
Silence!!! Ahaha

(Verse 2)
This is the moment i tell my story
not here, not now and not the glory
now you fuck with me, i tell no story
blah blah blah, shot you in your face paw paw paw
You copy my style, funny how you rap
i rap then you clap
prince gee gh the voice from the east
so at least throw me a feast
cause am the beast, Neat, never penetrate
Life time life time. love is a crime,say Asalam
Been a longtime nigga meni kum
been ages to cages. im grown man i need no babes
Hold me down Hold me Down, pay me, daily
niggas stop playing, always pray darly
life in the fast lane, nigga stop gaming. mine
speak my mind, never mind what a speak
smile and show me your teeth
niqqa wanna stand up on thier feet
young dezzy, t streets. i kill the beat
food is ready bon appeite.. think am done?
Yeah complete
his mighty club yeah am a beast
crawlin hands and feet
Heaven or hell. Life or death
pain in my heart thought of death
hit me from the bottom. now on top
bitches aint shit but hoes and tricks
fall in love, fall for the tricks.. break like a bricks
fly like an angel. sound like a jingle. i heard you are single.
Beast wanna mingle. my brown eyes twinkle.
loser, head of medusa. i call you a loser
rain in your brain. do it for the game
hit you like a train, you are insane
am the best George havest. Shout to the fathers
mention the others. fuck how you feel
martin tibil. do it my way. mr jah ways
it's a hard day. stand well O B R A.
niggas wanna fuck with me ma day.
Gezzy. ma friend lil wizzy. always been busy.
niggas wanna free me.niggas wanna be me.
Now Am i dead, Now Am I Fled
the beast is back, rose and jack
Richi!! Haa!!

(Hook) x2
This a freestylin Ah, Say this a freestyling
Prince Gee Gh, this a freestyling
Am the best, im the beast niqqa
Prince Sani Gee The Beast (Freestyle) lyrics
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