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Nasty C A Song For Twitter lyrics

[h]Early Beginings[/h] Nsikayesizwe Ngcobo or David Ngcobo junior, also known as Nasty C is a South African rapper. He’s fast gaining waves of interest in his local music industry and in South Africa...

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Nasty C A Song For Twitter Lyrics

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[Nasty C - A Song For Twitter lyrics]
[Verse: Nasty_C]
Lemme see you put 1, 2 3 up 4 this 5 star n1gga
5 star flows and they're 5 stars realer
I'm hard. These rappers is styrofoam
I stack em up and break em in 3s when the mic is on
This rap's in my cytrosomes, I write these songs with zero effort
And make em lean, cos I write in Italics font
And I right my wrongs in this audio
Girls that meet me say “I like your song, and you're out of your mind, but you nice for sure”
Then they always go for da taller guy in designer clothes, a whip and a lot of dough and probably has a lighter tone.
I'm just some unemployed rapper in a cloud of smoke
So he can take em on dates. All I can do is write a poem

Chea, but fvck it this is as real as it gets
I'll loose focus when every fibber in me forgets.
I'm a blessing to here rap game.
Puke if hate.
I'm disregarded.
But this here is God infusing with fate.
I come across as proof in debates.
That hip hop's living still. is it not vivid still?
I'm the future, its late
So bow to me, this is real buddy.
See I rap like an android
I am legend, but they still never will touch me
I'm willed to kill something
I'm filled with real-ness
I'm instilled with steel toughness, my mental is still suffering
Every word emitted is a pond that accumulates
I annihilated my competition still in my cruising state

The fvck I gotta say to prove I'm great?
Win a brawl with the devil without a bruise or scrape, and take his ruler's place?
I Impose a threat, like the black consciousness, yet my conscious is a mess
I'm am nothin less that prominent
But they couldn't take it like giving a mac to an Amish chick
Bitch I'm dominant, rhyming is in my chronics, I'm positive. Proud of me?

A fvcking psycho, I know
Lights go off when I rhyme and your lives are lost
I light souls up like the ghost rider; Ghost Rhymer - toast yall
Told yall I ain't the one to poke jokes about
I'm at bottom of the favorite list, but the top of the food chain
Pyramids, Tru story, Bar game on 2 Chainz
Sh1t ain't going smooth with the Mrs. lately I need to Vent
Shut up and listen, since you're here now I need a friend
I think I'm lost, I'm serious man I need a den
Let me contain my contain myself and tell her how I feel again

I took a step back n out of my being for second
Thought maybe I'd get a cleaner perspective
Maybe the way I view us isn't what's real
Maybe the scene was deceptive
But maybe not, cos I can feel that connection
So its confirmed, I fvck with you and you leave me senseless
I got two arms, ears, and a heart for you, you need em; text me
I said forever and meant it, you tried to count the minutes
Ma If time is money, I'm investing, let's work out the interest, I'm talking somewhere around fifty

Chea, cos something's gotta give
Blame all of this, on this illegal substance that I sip. Sh1t
Thank you all for listening
@Nasty_CSA, follow or go missing b1tch
Price City, I'm a citizen. You care to visit me?
Envision this: Blacksun; Erick Rush; Zyne Mac; Kyle Cain; Teddy Maxx; Justin Will; Trigga Beatz

(Whoo I just had to do it)
This a song for twitter b1tch
(Yea, I just had to do it)
This a song for twitter b1tch
(Whoo I just had to do it)
This a song for twitter b1tch
I might put the link on facebook but this for twitter Aayo.
Nasty C A Song For Twitter lyrics
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