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The Preamble


Album: Reece Effect
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A-Reece The Preamble lyrics

[h]Growing Up[/h] Song Writer Ronald Lehlogonolo Mataboge, aka A-Reece was born and bred in Pretoria on 27 March 1997. Raised by the streets of Pretoria, the hip-hop talent has always believed that h...

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A-Reece The Preamble Lyrics

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[A-Reece - The Preamble lyrics]
Everybody calm down
That's too busy
They were great days it was a lot of excitement
And there really was
Because the was a lot of imagination
We can create a whole world in the mind of the listener using sound
(Ricky Rick)
(Fans Cheering)
A-Reece The Preamble lyrics
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