Mo'Dogg - Ojuelegba Remix (Breaking The Silence) Ft. Wizkid Lyrics

Ojuelegba Remix (Breaking The Silence)


Feat: Wizkid
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Mo'Dogg Ojuelegba Remix (Breaking The Silence) Ft. Wizkid lyrics

Mo’Dogg (who Wizkid name drops in the chorus of the song "Ojuelegba") has responded with a reply, giving props to Wizkid and updating fans on what he’s been up to. Mo’Dogg is now a Gospel artiste, wor...

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Mo'Dogg Ojuelegba Remix (Breaking The Silence) Lyrics

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[Mo'Dogg Ft. Wizkid - Ojuelegba Remix (Breaking The Silence) lyrics]
Ah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Ah ti ti ti.

<strong>[Intro - Mo'Dogg]</strong>
<em>(Talking, while chorus plays in background)</em>
(Wizzy. Baba o.)
(Lemi loke o.)
Yeah, Ladies and gentlemen.
(Dami loun o.)
I go by the name Mo'Dogg
They call me Mr. Mo
Shout out to Wizkid.
You know, this track, you know, generated a lot of controversy mehn.
People were like - "Yo Mo'Dogg what's going on, how far, o'boy you don hear? Ojuelegba. Omo, you don hammer?"
You know.
I felt it was right to just, you know, use this opportunity to break the silence. Nam'saying?
You know, air out my own views.
You know, show love back to my boy for showing love.
You know, give it up for my people let them know I'm still here mehn, you nam'saying?
So, here it goes, you know, getting ready to break the silence.
Whatever you hear, take it like that, it's no diss, it's no beef, it's one love.

<strong>[Bridge - Mo'Dogg]</strong>
I'm tired of living my life on paper
Vision 2050.
I'm holding me down by the words on his paper.
No more promise empty.
The world is waiting.
My fans are craving.
see this anointing, has gotta be put to use, yeah.

<strong>[Verse - Mo'Dogg]</strong>
Hah, listen.
Breaking the silence this is not the news though.
Old school but I still give it the new flow. (New flow!)
Nwanne I'm not Phyno, I Holy ghost mode.
No need to rush, I'm like gidi traffic, I go slow.
Ni Ojuelegba o, na me dem talk bout.
Maintain a low profile, because I can't shout.
I waited for a minute after the official.
Ojuelegba, do it real the rest na copycats.
There I go, the battle emcee tryna jump out.
But I go play mature, big boy won't go the dumb route.
Before somebody tell me to shut my big mouth.
Before I mess around with this and get called out.
I guess by now you heard that the Lord found me.
Brought me out of the pit, the drink, the drugs, the careless skirt chasing and when I couldn't get sound sleep.
Now all I do is win.
I'm living for the king.
Praying for my kin, and working on my sins.
Full life I'm gon live like Abraham.
Cos by the blood Christ shed I'm a different man.
Shout out to Wizkid (what!). Whaddup AY (what!).
Oneblow family. Omo we still fly.
And this time it's cos we waiting on the Lord, we guaranteed to take flight. (Guaranteed to take flight!).
Until time we study focus on the perfect law of liberty (?)
It's no surprise we stay awake nights.
Cramped in a small apartment, all man eye steady looking up like - "Baba God, when be the time now?".

Ey. So if you're searching for Mr. Perfect, no be me.
Maybe I digress, or I'm never direct.
But I still go hard any and every dialect.
This record is just me tryna help you disect.
The truth behind the success that's bound to breed success.
After many more, and plenty many more.
Teach me to number my days, help me re-structure my ways.
Better ways to love Grace, many more reasons to pray.
We wanna trust you God, but we're distracted.
Like what's the fuss about on top this track sef?
Ni Ojuelegba, omo them know me.
Omo na Janjala, but swagger tobi.
I make 'em recognize Oluwatobi.
And he's the reason why you still behold me. God.
Shout out to my boy Wizkid for giving me this chance. Nam'saying?
Shurboi in the studio with me. Ey.
Oya now let’s go.
Oneblow shey je je.
Uzio shey je je.
DJ Strambo shey je je.
Mo’Dogg shey je je.
Ocean shey je je.
Shurboi shey je je. Ah.
Full Life shey je je.
Awo Wizkid shey je je.
Mass Choir shey je je.
Gbo gbo ti le, oya shey je je.

[Chorus till fade.]
Mo'Dogg Ojuelegba Remix (Breaking The Silence) lyrics Ft. Wizkid
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